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Posted by aunty christ (Guest) - Sunday, October 3 2004, 23:09:24 (CEST)
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Paul Younan wrote:
>Looks like Ben is the only one who cares enough about the topic to post a reply, in my favour.
>Funny thing about it is that he actually thinks I'm favouring your guys' opinions. How far from the truth that is. I actually make Ben look like a schoolkid with my conservative views on Assyrianism.
>Anyway, I did my part. Now please come on my forum like you promised. I know Parhad doesn't have the pebbles, but you are more than prepared to tackle some REAL Jews. He can hide in his little fenced yard and bark loudly at the bigger dogs passing by on the sidewalk. who ever heard of a big bad dog willingly getting into a fenced yard with a bunch of almost wet yourself in your effort to make a go of it over when do I get something besides the morons you`ve found at Harvard who tell you the world is flat?

...You brought no Harvard graduates with their religious tripe when you put the map up here...where is some real evidence for these claims?



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