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Posted by Aunty Christ (Guest) - Monday, October 4 2004, 1:37:52 (CEST)
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Paul Younan wrote:
>Since the wholesale Slaughter of the Innocents began on a black Monday in 1973, over 44 million babies have been murdered by their own mothers one believes your figures...the "facts" behind 80 million turned out to be Christian propaganda..this figure is more of the same till you provide reliable sources..and no divinities from Yale please.

in the very place where it is supposed to be safe from harm.

...Who said so? Wasn`t that the place Majdolin`s baby was resting a sovereign nation which should have been spared what was a crime against international law and people who also have these kinds of "statistical facts"...based on the best "intelligence" that told you all they MUST go to war? If America can break laws and lie and murder OTHER women`s children in their wombs and homes and cities and nations where they are SUPPOSED to be safe...why can`t women decide for themselves? What gives you people the right to decide whose womb and home and nation to violate?

...A woman`s body should be safe and secure as well...but it isn` it?
>If half of those babies were female (a reasonable assumption), then 22 MILLION women have died as a result of "legal" abortion in this country. 22 MILLION. (Never mind the 22 MILLION men.)

...they were fetuses...not "people". You may not like our Laws...but we do and we abide by them. The last time a People were subject to Christian Sharia Law the streets ran with the blood of thinkers, witches, devil`s disciples and other assorted "evil" people your god didn`t want left alive. We`ve seen your morality work..that`s why we decided NO MORE.

...Your morality kills people...illegal abortions will save no fetus..but they will kill mothers..we want less people always want more.

..our Laws..not your morality...tell us those are fetuses and not human beings...therefore there is no murder don`t like it then change the society.
>Parhad would be hard pressed to demonstrate that anywhere near 22 HUNDRED women died back when they used "coat hangers" in "back-alley" abortions, let alone 22 MILLION....and counting. doesn`t matter. This is something that escapes when I point out you shouldnīt make a deiety of a microwave...what matters is what matters. You can weep buckets when two men kiss or a woman get`s an are free to weep...they are free to do as they please...your morality is your business.
>Which has resulted in the *murder* (as Parhad rightfully calls it) of more women? can`t murder a fetus. Murder is strictly defined as the premeditated killing of a human bean...our laws tell us that a fetus is not a human is a potential human you still are.


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