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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Thursday, September 9 2004, 18:24:35 (CEST)
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Paul Younan wrote:
>>P.S. Do you realize, Paul, that the rest of the first world countries (with the exception of, I think, Ireland) legalized abortion long ago and there isn't even debate in those countries about the legality of it like there is in the US...and do you also realize that abortion will NEVER EVER be outlawed in this country? And after realizing all of that... what say you?
>Jeff, not only Ireland but Portugal, Malta and Poland are other European nations that prohibit abortion except when the life of the mother is in danger. That's how it should be.

...and those countries have PLACED the lives of mothers in that how it should be? In none of those countries have abortions STOPPED...they`ve merely sent women elsewhere to get legal and safe ones..or forced the poorest with the hottest cunts to go to illegal and dangerous would be one ting if you could wave a wand a make abortions disappera..but you can`s and haven`t been able to for thousands of years..all you`re advocating is that we go back to allowing women to be killed as well as their a sort of diving punishment metted out by you for your Lord...we no longer do that and in the countries you mentioned it will be changed one is going back to YOUR good old days..remember, the fetus ANYWAY no matter how safe or dangerous the abortion..all you want to do is make it deadly for your daughters as well...nice guy.
>Remember that Qasha who you gave that Peshitta I sent to you? How is he doing? Does that Catholic Qasha know about how you feel regarding abortion? Just wondering if he is a "puritanical fucker" too?

..Purritanical Fuckers are ESPECIALLY prone to fouling the air we breathe with Pisheetas...their "kindness" in that regard is mere smelly propaganda...real kindness would be to join us to save a mother`s life....since none of our morality EVER saved a fetus anyway.


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