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Re: Tiglath, an answer would be appreciated
Posted by aunty christ (Guest) - Tuesday, October 5 2004, 3:25:48 (CEST)
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Paul Younan wrote:
>Of what use is a "god" of war who lost the final battle on his own turf?

..he was far more than a god of war...there was a good reason so many people wanted to steal from us for he was a god of administration and architecture and medicine and science and art and weaving and agriculture and horticulture and animal husbandry and commerce, to name a few of the things he inspired and presided over and, oh yes...a god of Letters and philosophy as you lock your door at night to protect your family and possesions...Assyria secured its wide open borders so it could go on securely inventing civilization, without which you wouldn`t have a pot to piss in and then eat out of.

..the Assyrians got tired...all such grand People do. The kind of existence you lead asks nothing, it takes nothing and it gives are the common slob who can go on forever, what is there to exhaust you??? You would be a chanting, ranting, docile slave to the common way of thought of ANY culture you happned to be born in. Being beggars in the world, furthermore, you wouldn`t know what it is to invent anything..have anything...or run a nation everyone and their cousin wanted to emulate and then attack and subdue...we took a long break...that`s all.

The Chinese say a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step...a journey BACK has to begin with small steps as well...and among the first we need to take is to get you Jews OFF our backs...go out and make your way on your own...stop using us and our Heritage when it suits you...BREAK our pagan symbols for we sure as hell don`t want them in your we get your yoke off our children we will begin to define a new way...because we are fluid...of being Assyrian in the modern age. The Ashurbanipal Monument was a small...a very small, start...there will be more...many more. While we have always done things within ourselves..these monuments represent the first time we put ourselves in the world`s FACE. The Gilgamesh film was another such small step and there are more popping up here and there...

We just took a break is all...and today the entire world is OUR turf. You still work for the Jews...some of us have just begun to work for Ashur...give it time. You had 2000 years and look at the sorry spectacle you`ve made of yourselves..where your distasteful character traits don`t make you murder in the millions, you get murdered FOR your distastefull character traits...

OBVIOUSLY Christianity died with are merely zombies who need burying before you kill and start eating Muslims next.


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