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Posted by Paul Younan (Guest) - Saturday, September 11 2004, 20:40:29 (CEST)
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Farid realizes its murder to kill an unborn child, and by definition the victim of murder is a human being. I realize that if Farid had his way, there would never be any woman who *wanted* an abortion, but his thought is that since they are going to get one anyway, we might as well save the life of the mother.

Now, although his intentions are reasonable and nobody want a woman who's hell bent on killing her baby to die along with the it, the solution *cannot* be legalizing abortions because what you've now done is given the green light to all women who want to get one, even though 99% of them wouldn't have gone through with it if it were not so easily accesible....and "legal."

Those are a lot of babies aborted just because it is convenient. Using Farid's own statistics, only a few thousand abortions a year were performed in the "alleys" when it was legal. You have 1.5 million today. You CAN'T make it easy on a murderer to kill under the pretext of saving their own lives. There HAS to be another way.

Something can be "legal", and wrong, at the same time.



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