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Posted by Tiglath (Guest) - Monday, October 4 2004, 4:38:02 (CEST)
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Hi Paul,

Paul Younan wrote:
>Khizmie David,
>Take a close look at the picture above. It is of the Zoroastrian fire temple in Yazd, Iran. As you can see, the symbol of "Ahura Mazda", who was the re-constituted "Ashur" of the Assyrians, is flying just like Big Bird used to...complete with the dickless sacred cows.

Each new Empire takes from the previous one and expands on it. Each builds on the foundation of the Empire that preceded it as the Greeks, Romans, British and Americans have done.

.....Yet none of these Empires dared to claim that the preceeding Empire(s) were barbarians, unlike the Jews who claim that the same people who taught them to read and write were also barbarians, whose children' heads were fit to be dashed on rocks for their god.

>These bastards were our forefather's fierce persecutors throughout the reign of Parthian, and later Sassanid, Persia. Until the Muslim Arabs kicked them in the balls, of course, and sent their pagan asses back into a couple of hills in Persia where they remain insignificant till this very day.

....According to Moffett we seemed to ask for it one at least once occassion where it was WE who disrupted the religous peace in the Persian Empire. According to Moffett the worst that was done to Zoroastrian converts at that time was a sever beating to renounce their faith.
Also it wasn't just the Muslims Arabs that kicked the Persians out of Beth Nahrain. It was the Assyrians who converted to Islam who were some of the primary forces of Mohammad and kicked out the Persians.

>Now you want to reinstitute these very same blasphemous symbols under which your great-great-grandparents were slaughtered for their faith?

...I reinstitute what my great grandfathers created before they became traitors and followed a Jewish god and a Jewish religion. The fact that these symbols were used by others shows you what power and strength we possessed at the time and how it continues to reverberate throughout history.
Also it's you who still has an intact Lammasu sitting on your shelf. If you believe in what you say why not lead the way?


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