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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Thursday, September 30 2004, 17:41:29 (CEST)
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>P.S. You honour me by calling me a girl. Unlike YOU I've never had an inferiority complex about my masculinity and have meanwhile been working on my feminine side and trying to develop more of a nurturing and loving aspect to my personality. I say this with the strength of my masculine half and the compassion of my feminine half.

..that`s exactly my aim all along. There was a good book out years ago during the hey day of the Women`s movement titled, "Masculine, Feminine and Human" was SUCH a relief to read and see how many of us men and women are struggling to become human again.

..every male friend I ever had...and there were damn few...had a strong feminine component in their character..which is to say they were more completely Human. The masculine sterotype is as ridiculous a thing and makes as awful a partner as the femimine one.

...we can see in this "masculine" afraid of being Queer AND disrespecting girls and women so much just how cut off from Humnanity such a freak is. The guy can really only fuck himself...and he does!


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