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Posted by Shushan (Guest) - Thursday, September 9 2004, 17:26:55 (CEST)
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and paul if you are so concerned about these fetuses (as am i) then why don't you use your religous right to protest corporations like pharamceuticals who have given women drugs for profit in the past that caused miscarriages and birth defects, or industries whose pollutions do the same or countries with nucelar arsenals (you want to talk WMDs) and how many pregant women do you think got aborted when bombs in wars have been dropped on civilians... what about the souths religious right that runs the tabacco industry, how many babies have been miscarried, birth defected or just plain damaaged by mother's or even second hand smoke... waht about crack babies.. we can spend a trillion dollars on initiating a war and not admit after we realize it was a mistake, but we can't stop drugs from being distributed in our inner cities... what about the food industry that is not monitored on hormones given to plump livestock and pesticides in our produce so they can be more profitable, even if those thigns are known to cause miscarriages, birth defects, cancer, neurological disorders etc... would the powers that be protect the texas beef industry to the point of exposing thousands to mad cow disease if it ever gets in the livestock? so yes, i too wish abortions weren't around, but maybe the prochoice people are right that it is unfair to impose that on the mothers, do instead show you have the compassion and forgiveness and charity of Jesus and you GOT his uncorrupted message and instead of damning these women, try to help them by not shaming their sexuality, their human fraility and urges, and instead give them better options from birth control and safe sex education and don't shame them on their bodies, sexuality and urges so they are afraid to get birth control... shame is not working if there have bene 40 million abortions in the US in the past decades... try real education ...and religious brainwashing guilt and shame is not education.. it is ignorance... do something good with your religion, set up homes for unwed mothers, educational scholarshiops and give them options other than shame and poverty if you don't want them having abortions, and better yet give them real sex and birth control education since obviously for milenia shaming people with sex as a sin and the human body as dirty and women as abominations, has not stopped anyone's urges except maybe a few homosexual preists and we all have seen how their repressed urges have been perverted in the name of religion and God... get a clue... we are sexual beings.. it is part of nature... i too do not agree with promiscuity and believe in monogamy but we all make mistakes and men are not instinctually monomgamous and that causes women problems too and we all have different life circumstances, so stop judging everyone and look in your own heart and ask how you can help ... but then again, the last time i did that and tried to help someone, my good deed got punished. ;)


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