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Re: when are you gonna begin?
Posted by Paul Younan (Guest) - Thursday, September 9 2004, 17:32:20 (CEST)
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Hi Shush,

All you said is true - there are other injustices as well. And no, I don't believe that sex is sinful but I do believe it is meant for procreation within the reality of marriage and family-building. I don't think we should shame any man or woman who makes mistakes, I've made more than everyone here combined.

Yes, we do have birth control and homes for unwed mothers and people waiting in line for adoptions. That still isn't stopping certain women from having 1, 2 or even 5 abortions in their lifetime.

Shushan, please. We need to stick to one topic at a time and address other injustices on their own and not confuse baby-killing in the womb with baby-killing via sanctions or Ashurbanipal.



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