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Posted by Shushan (Guest) - Thursday, September 9 2004, 16:23:17 (CEST)
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Paul Younan wrote:
>That's never going to happen....not as long as abortion-on-demand is in high demand so that women can have their "sexual freedom", free of consquences of course....except to the baby who is innocent in all of this.

*** but you have no problems with men having "sexual freedom" free of consequences, even the consequences of getting pregnant. And yes, I agree the baby is the innocent and that is why I am prolife... but maybe if you did not make sexuality a sin and being a woman abominable as your perverted bible authors did perverting gifts God gave us... then we could have real sex and birth control education and people would not make such conflicted mistakes where repressing natural urges and thinking they are bad for having them, would not cause them to do such self destructive things... and they would not make as many mistakes and have more healthy options.

>Baby-killing is big business with big profit, ask to see Planned "Parenthood"s annual report to find out just what the abortion mills are up to under the guise of "choice" and "freedom."

*** yes, I agree it is despicable that people get rich off of abortion, and they are the people the religous right should be protesting and sue for their profits retroactively over the past decades for the 40 million abortions in the US to go towards birth control education and condom distriburtion, homes for unwed mothers, schooling for single mothers, etc. etc..

>Farid, though, would excuse it as "justified for the advancement of civilization, water, land, the securing of natural resources....and security, ESPECIALLY SECURITY." He only cries for the "viable" children...while Habibi only gives a damn about the dark ones.

*** yes, but whether you believe it or not, I care about all children, unborn, little ones and even the one inside of everyone of us... we should cry for all of them that are done injustices and suffering and lost lives either by murder, rape, abuse or just not being given a chance to live to ones potential... they are all horrible things as is abortion in my opinion... but unlike you, I won't damn these desparate women as wanton women abusing these sexual freedoms you are so afraid of.. instead I blame all the insanity of all of us through all human history, and maybe the insanity of a God that made the world brutal that carnivores have to kill to survive and sexual instinct causes these unwanted births as does some men's predator instincts taking advantage of needy woman, as does our instincts to survive or be ashamed, especailly all the shame done by religious people, that these women are in situations that they can only see their dilemma and not the beauty and gift of life inside... we, all of so called civilization have a hand in that atrocity, especially bible thumpers that say they are shamed for their sexual freedom, yet say they should "suffer" the consequences of their shame rather than abort... have some compassion for them and maybe then they won't be so desparate and shamed and selfish to need these abortions... religion wants to put the blood on everyone's hands but their own, and religions have more blood on their hands than their version of God they make up to justify that blood on their hands.


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