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Posted by Shushan (Guest) - Sunday, September 12 2004, 21:50:13 (CEST)
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there you go again telling a complete stranger to listen and look like you are the boss of them... idon't have to look at vile talking men like you and listen to ignorant uneducated brainwashed drones like you... you just like to boss women around and that other post was filled with vile things and what kind of a man threatens a woman with physical violence shows what all your antiabortions rants are about.. hate of women ... don't bother me and waste my time... it is all vile ignorant smiting... please refrain from talking to me... you are a waste of my time. you don't know me and i would not want to know someone like you so stop telling me what to do like you have some power over me... is that what this is your need to dominant over women... maybe you just turned me prochoice... cause i just realized that is what all these antiabortion rants about... and farid was right... that is what he has been posting about but i did not think he was right... but you just proved that he is right and mysogynist men like you that want to be vile and domineering to women who don't give a crap about them but have all the negative opinions motives and even desire to harm as you posted in that rant... that is what prolifers like you are all about... i just became prochoice. are you sure farid didn't pay you to come here and post to prove his point about how vile the prolifers are and how it is not about poor fetuses but about smacking down women as you proved in your rant against me... i believe it now... and i am now prochoice... good job... you are exactly the type that has made me have my own private faith in jesus teachings rather than belong to religions that are corrupted and run by psychotic little men on power trips to smack down women with degrading talk and behavoir as that post before more than illustrated.. just cause i told you off for telling me you knew that i do nothing to stop abortions and that i needed to put my money where my mouth was and vote for psychotic conservatives like you... bug of you little brat... and i may be 40 but you are acting like you are 12... so make your old menapause sagging mysogynist insults all you want... it only shows how small your penis is that you need to feel big by putting women down! and your comments upset that i said what have you done bothering you.. i said that casue you come out of nowhere and accuse me of not doing enought and telling me about my money and my mouth and how to vote and try to pin the atrocities of abortion on me... i did not see you post to anyone else here and i am one of the few prolifers posting here... so why single me out.. cause you are afraid to pick a fight with a man here so you picked on the only woman posting this week here... and tried to make her look like she was proabortion when i am not... i am prolife but now thanks to you i am also prochoice to protect those desparate women against maniacs like you who just want to destroy them and smite them and make them filthy cuase your religoin has you brainwashed that they are.



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