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Posted by Shushan (Guest) - Sunday, September 12 2004, 4:34:16 (CEST)
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please translate so i know if you are the man i have always liked and respected or if you are really like this nobody who i can not like nor respect for that.. i admit i overreacted but i don't like complete strangers to talk like they know me and condescending assume i do nothing and telling me how to vote and blaming me for abortions and making it sound like i just got convinced to be prolife.. i have always been prolife but i just am not as radical about it as you all. but i am done with all this forum crap... remember once i said that i knew you were a nice guy and that this forum and all of them bring out the worst in even the best of us.. well, it has been bringing out the worst in me for awhile... so i better go... i just wanted to bring some religious tolerance for i think it is the only thing that will save our precious assyrian christians in iraq and my grandparents were assyrian christians from turkey and the loses their will forever make me want to help and care about assyrian christians in iraq even if my christianity is so different from theirs and yours... i still care and only come here to try and understand and try to get my opinions about religious freedome across... but now i am just being made bitchy by it all.

bye. and sorry if i offended you too. and i will just pray for assyrians in iraq rather than try to change us here so we can truely help them and help the world find peace and accept each other even if we have different religions and beliefs... right now i would love to see abortion illegal but it won't happen and i won't demonize the desparate woman like this nobody did... and i am more worried about terrorism around the world and here, and our poor assyrian christians in iraq.. but you all are too different than me... all sides of these forums... i best go before i turn into a mean person like that nobody brought out in me and then showed me what i could become like him/her one day if i stay on these forums... thanks nobody, for showing me that ugly vision.. i hope it finally breaks this internet forum addiction... so if you never see my name again, pat yourself on the back dozens have beeen trying to drive me away and now a nobody who based on one post wants to beat the shit out of me or whatever those threats were... congrats... many have tried and it took a nobody to finally make me say enough... this is not for me.



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