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Something for you to consider...
Posted by Paul Younan (Guest) - Monday, October 4 2004, 1:22:13 (CEST)
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Since the wholesale Slaughter of the Innocents began on a black Monday in 1973, over 44 million babies have been murdered by their own mothers in the very place where it is supposed to be safe from harm.

If half of those babies were female (a reasonable assumption), then 22 MILLION women have died as a result of "legal" abortion in this country. 22 MILLION. (Never mind the 22 MILLION men.)

Parhad would be hard pressed to demonstrate that anywhere near 22 HUNDRED women died back when they used "coat hangers" in "back-alley" abortions, let alone 22 MILLION....and counting.

Which has resulted in the *murder* (as Parhad rightfully calls it) of more women?



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