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Posted by Aunty Christ (Guest) - Thursday, October 7 2004, 18:27:06 (CEST)
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...for some reason this thingie wouldn`t let me respnd in the right place....

>If your parents and grandparents were Christians, of the Church of the East variety before they were swayed by Lutheran missionaries in Urmia, does that mean that you, yourself, are descended from those very same Jews who were driven out by Rome?

...before they were either they were believr5s in Ashur. I can`t help it if you come from "fluid" stock.

...a religion in the modern era means nothing at all. It`s a fshion...a fad. Once you could tell much about a person`s diet, dress, where they lived and what they believed by knowing their religion...and conversely you could pin point their religion if you knew the region and time they lived...but those days are long gone. Being Christian in Canada does not mean you share anything besides a few arcane religious points with the original Jews who chose to believe, out of Roman-imposed desperation, that Jesus MUST be the one. In 3000 years my ancestors could have been any number of religions or none at could have been born in China and never tasted symbolic gore, as a religion, in your life. Religions are universal can be of any of them and have any number of traits foreign to each of them at ONE time.

...Today religion is what you you choose your wife where once it was all done for you. Before you were a Jew you were a blood drinking pagan too...things change. I was never a Christian in any sense of the word...what do I care what you are?
>I mean, we all know that the Assyrians weren't raped into Christianity by the Romans. Romans never ruled Assyria. And we know, of course, that there was no way that the Assyrians could have accepted Christianity without the use of any force. consistently skip the several points raised because you don`t dare address them...constantly going back to your fairy tales instead....there have always been people who experimented in religions..that`s where Christianity came from...change and new ideas and new variants. We are talking about your claim that Armnenians and Assyrians a culture...dumped their own ways for a Jew. It flatters you to think that...but it never happened.

..your most resent fairy tale..about millions of Christian converts is an attempt to justify this claim of yours. I`m saying you have no evidence for this and you have produced none. If I doubt the validity of Nazi theories of Racial purity and tell a Nazi named Paul that I want some evidence for these "facts"...this "science"...that does NOT mean I`ll accept even more of the same drivel from the SAME sources.

...If you have nothing concrete to give me then it makes me suspect you have no such proof..and that leaves me wondering what the utility of this claim can be...and then I see it....for if you can`t show millions and millions of peaceful means you people were very tolerant means you had about the numbers we`d expect from inbreeding over centuries and nothing the conduct of your "religious" people in times gone past when they attacked their tolerant hosts, shows you had no such convetrts by the millions and were righteously pissed at people for DARING to refuse to accept YOUR pissant neo-Judaisim and ATTACKED them, your hots just as you have been doing SINCE then!!! also means that where Christianity really "took" all the Christian nations on earth today, it did so through massive violence and force. we KNOW this happened all over the world...but we have no proof of it in your tiny you rush in with CHURCH "history" claiming that Jesus was indeed very welcome among millions.

You can`t afford to address, among many others, the question of why it should be necessary to murder millions into Jesus at one end of the room...while at the other end people were pleading to accept the very same Jesus. Part of your problem is that you are steeped in lies, fables, gross exagerations, unfounded and unprovable myths and you PREFER those to any attempt to use that "satanic" Reason which blows all this fluff to smithereens. LOVE the pray to will sacrifice your children to are insane.
>So that means that you can't possibly be an Assyrian. Your ancestors were members of the Church of the East, those same Jews who reproduced in pagan lands.

...members of a church are not an ethnic group..not any longer and never in Assyria. In Assyria all religions were was among the Hebrews that murderous distinctions were made between north Jews and south Jews...with members of the same family killing each is from THEM and their example you draw these absolutist points of view that an Assyrian of today can`t be Assyrian because in his background there were Buddhists and Christians and Muslims. We are not talking about a religion any longer..not where it comes to being Assyrian today...we STILL accept people of any religion...all we are saying is that YOU can`t claim any exclusive title to being Assyrians BECAUSE you are of one religion, a Jew one no less..or any other ONE religion.

...steeped in this kind of shit to the assume we must be afflicted the same way. Like I said in the beginning..for an intelligent discussion that isn`t to go into the toilet..people have to agree on their PREMISES...and then they may discuss...not fight...their way to various conclusions. With you we`re still stuck at fighting over definitions and even getting you to acknowledge over three-quarters of the issues raised that COULD be favor of your periodic lapses of sanity where you travel back in Time to when the Assyrians were glorious and very UN-Jewish...pointing your nasty finger at them while ignoring the blood soaked losers your Jews THAT time.

...It`s impossible to discuss logically with a church besotted person in the first place for you people ALWAYS fall back on the Irrational to "prove" something best as you can understand one from the other.

....Your very foundation is in the unbelieveable, the un-provable..the utterly abnormal and fantastic...and, in that case, you should remain faithfull all the way and howl at the moon with feathers stuck up your arse and NOT come into the house and pretend to talk sense. I see your feathers poking through, the bone in your hair and the blood painted on your cheeks. You don`t fool me any.
>Explains your Judeao-Christian last name. Why are you building monuments to those who persecuted your Jewish forefathers? Or are you just thanking those good pagans for saving your Jewish ass from the Romans, the bad pagans? pagan could hold a candle to a Christian when it comes to wanton cruelty and bloodlust...not a one. I explained to you about religion already...I could have a thousand sects in my background...and my children could invent their own..that has nothing to do with being people got lost in Assyria and thought you were hearing insane "Babel" when you saw and heard and experienced a myriad of people with their multitude of beliefs and behaviors and cultures and languages and gods all living and working together in harmony..this was "insanity" to you still is.

...a modern belief in Ashur is not at all the same thing as your hidebound belief in yahwe....this is something that consistantly escapes you...and scares it did 3000 years ago.

...Tolerance is DEATH to you was the core to the greatness of Assyria.


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