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case against christianity reducks
Posted by Aunty Christ (Guest) - Monday, October 4 2004, 17:45:40 (CEST)
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It`s impossible to have a well grounded discussion with someone who believes a Jew turned fish into wine 2000 years ago because other Jews from that same time swear to it...and this is sufficient for him. Not only will this sort of person believe any wild assed thing said by long-dead Jews, but a mind so well disposed and eager to suspend common sense isn`t going to recognize the genuine article when you present it, especially not if it comes down to accepting the points made by a clear mind over one that believes in events and miracles it never saw but only heard about.

Take this conversion one place massive violence was used to make Christians, a fact no one denies, not even Christians..and in the other place no force was used at all...but millions leapt into Jesus gladly...

Since the same Jesus crap is being peddled in both come it takes violence in one place and none in the other? Had the friars and padres who attacked the people of the New World with an army at their backs not had one...instead, had a few hundred Christian families landed among the great Aztecs....would the Aztec people have thrown it all away for Jesus? Hardly.

Likewise had eastern Christians managed to win Genghis Khan over to there any doubt China would be Christian today?

The Aztecs and other Pagans confronted with Christ or the sword resisted to the death the Christian religion...literally. Those few hundred families without an army at their backs would have been tolerated...for no Pagans killed people for having wrong or many gods...only Hebrews did that and then their Christian knock-offs. The Christians would have been accepted and allowed to exist and after several hundred years would have those "converts" which were nothing more than their own children fucking each other and only each other.

Even among Christians there has been great blood shed for this same the West more so but in the East as well when the Muslims first arrived in BetNahrain they had to forcibly impose a truce between warring factions of peacefull old Jesus folk who were murdering each other with holy abandon. If Christians kill other Christians and prefer to be martyred TO other Christians for the SAME god than switch from JESUS to stands to reason people who never heard of him would also fight and resist forced conversion and certainly refuse the "example" of Jesus..whatever the hell that was.

It makes no sense to claim that the same Jesus who was fought to the death in the West, was loved and accepted in the East...none at all. But, like I aren`t dealing with people who deal in sense...they love their miracles and who`s to say you should take candy away from babies?


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