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Posted by Aunty Christ (Guest) - Friday, October 8 2004, 17:59:00 (CEST)
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...glancing at the home page of I`m struck by all the condolences sent to America...American soldiers...their families and that`s about it....except for mention of the few Christians killed by Muslims there and the RESOUNDING silence still of all the Christians killed by Christians...just why are these people sending so many good wishes to the very people who murdered BetNahrain THIS time around?

Is it any wonder the Christians of Iraq are held suspect...that the ones wailing about their "love" of BetNahrain from the safety of America are the most despised of the despicable?

Not since the Nazis has there been such an illegal and criminal least we remained lied to about Vietnam but we KNOW now and knew it before that this war was a big lie...and we`re STILL there talking about democracy and liberty,,,and not to forget, rebuilding.

The reverberations from this act of unprovoked aggression in a world bristling with weapons and hostility and apathy where justice is concerned will sound throughout this century...and it can`t be good.

There isnīt an apology large enough...there aren`t reparations big enough, there isn`t contrition deep enough to make up for this crime against Humanity brought to us by Christians yet again...and they want MORE???


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