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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Monday, September 27 2004, 17:41:45 (CEST)
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...surely we all know religion is a lie...surely. Some are convinced it`s a necessary one..that the human is far too evil and sinful and mean and rude and nasty so we MUST fill children with god-crap..for their own good. Anyone believing that has only to look at what religious people do in the name of religion.

I have greater faith in the human child...I believe religion CORRUPTS a child...that it can`t benefit an inherently wise one..neither can it improve on a good education..and I don`t mean schooling either..and since the vast majority of us are defenseless at birth we either get ruined at birth or badly educated soon those cases relgion makes us WORSE...look what it`s done to Paul. At its best religion should not affect us at ALL..except to make us shie away from superstition as any kind of substitute for human Reason...which needs careful tending and nourishment to grow properly..but religion is NO "shortcut"..the fear of god produces mean bastards...that`s all...but pious ones..and so we fool ourselves with the exterior show.

Paul`s rapture is built on such a lie. Once again he`s caught with his pants down, his finger up his own arse searching for those figures that "prove" millions joined Christ in the East..the EAST, mind you..where all the most sophisticated and refined cultures of that period were and had set roots for centuries..that in the East...the people gladly threw it all away, in the MILLIONS, for a Jew fairy tale from a sheepshit encrusted hillside where these sons of goats couldn`t build a toilet or tell a story without stealing the one and running for cover when the other fell on top of them just at the moment their Lord "moved" in those mysterious ways of his that are still spreading his shit all over earth. the West..where dirt and ignorance prevailed and in the New World where civilization was still scattered among more native required massive doses of violence and butchery to convince people already more than eager to believe any supersitition..people so innocent and trusting they welcomed the blond eyed monsters with their ghoulish priests who would murder them all in a few decades...they welcomed them but still REFUSED their religion and STILL clung to their own..the one that TAUGHT them to trust and respect...and they got murdered for it and their children stolen and their wives raped to produce the souless and hollow-eyed Christians that are tearing this planet apart.

There is absolutely to truth to these "figures" even think there could be is to insult and spit upon our if they suddenly realized thay had been WRONG and fools all those years...that they should have thrown it all away earlier and gone themselves to Jerusalem and begged addmittance...what a crock of shit. the spirit of BetNahrain...we will wait...we will consider...we will be fair yet thorough...we`ll hear the argument...we`ll study the evidence...and make a final judgement then. If all these millions rest on the word of a St Gregory, the lying motherfucker...then they can keep their "history". We want REAL history.

And if they don`t have it..and if you consider FAIRLY and intelligently what the odds are that any refined culture such as we had, threw it all away for THAT`ll know they are lying...and more than likely are what Paul says..Jews who either ran or were moved to the East...where they were TOLERATED, inspite of their disruptive behavior when they saw no one was interested in joining them...and so fucked and grew accordingly into the small congregations they had, but NEVER had those 80 millions!

We are eager. Is the library closed?


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