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=> for this I had to do a pisheeta???

for this I had to do a pisheeta???
Posted by parhad (Guest) - Friday, October 8 2004, 23:20:53 (CEST)
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this is the "answer" I got from Paul...same crap he's been peddling all along...I'm supposed believe the salesmen of snakeoil when I ask how I'm supposed to know it's more of the same...

Hello Parhad,

We have recently relaxed our rules so that uneducated dummies who feel inclined to demonstrate their lack of intelligence in front of a world-wide audience are free to do so. Welcome to our forum.

aunty christ wrote:
Can any of you scholars explain to me why it should have been necessary to murder half the world into Jesus while you boys claim that in a small part of the east...millions of people JUMPED freely into the arms of this same Jesus...who was literally DEATH to millions and millions of others?

Take your time.

That's an EXCELLENT question, I'm glad you asked.

You see, there were two empires in the middle east when Meshikha preached his message. The Roman and the Parthian. I've included a map since I know you prefer to read books that have pictures in them. the first place you have no proof of his message or anything that he preached..we have the actual words of our have the words of others ABOUIT jesus...and you have no way of knowing any of the things you believe happened..not too bright to begin with..but go ahead....

See, in a nutshell what happened is this: Christianity took hold in both empires at a very early date through the missionary efforts of the Apostles.

...okay...I'll just stop here. Obviously English is new to you...I said I would NOT accept your church's fables as evidence of anything but its duplicity..I asked what PROOF you have. When you ask someone what proof they have for a claim...they cannot merely REPEAT the claim and say "THERE"!

...I don't believe in your apostles presching anything..I believe that the same church that has been lying since then is lying now...I don't believe you converted ANYBODY in your east...I believe you were merely the Jews trhown out of Israel who found tolerance among the pagans and then turned on them...

Christians were a minority, a persecuted minority, in both empires....just as Meshikha had prophesied his believers would be persecuted for his name.

..this is mere church bullshit...Christians were NOT persecuted...we have EVIDENCE that they were not...we also have evidence that they were murdered for real once the Romans turned Christian themselves....the few Christians killed by Pagans were killed for breaking laws..not for believing in your nonsense.

Things went along quite well until a bomb dropped one day in the Western empire. His name was Constantine. He had a vision, the story allegedly goes, of Meshikha in the sky....who told him to "conquer" by the sign of the Cross. Well, history records the forcible conversions and destruction of all paganism in the Roman empire by this madman.

...this madman was only the first people never stopped since then.

Once Christianity became the official "creed" of a government, the church was no longer persecuted. In fact, the Western church became the persecutor. First of pagans in those lands, later of the Crusades, the Inquisition, Africa, Native Americans, the Portuguese in India, and so forth and so on. That's what you are referring to.

...not this time...I'm asking you why it would be necessary to kill all of these people into Jesus...while you claim elsewhere they were EAGER to join up...makes no sense...why didn't they join willingly EVERYWHERE?

On the other side of things: There was never a Constantine in Parthian, or later Sassanid, Persia. This church came to be known in time as the Church of the East.

...and there were no millions and millions there...there were the few you'd esxpect from inbreeding...and for all your popularity, you never managed to make a dent in those countries.

Having never had a Constantine who told them to kill pagans in the name of Meshikha, having never been the offical creed of any power, having never had an army to spread it violently......these people went all the way to Japan, on foot, converting millions of Asians over the span of 1,400 years and became, by the 11th century, the largest Christian Church on the face of the planet.....with some estimates placing those who owed their allegience to the Patriarch of Babylon at 80 million people (Karlsson, Saeki, Moffet, Wigram, et. al) which was at the time 1/4 of the world population.

..that is absolute bullshit...there is no other word for it. You either believe pleasant lies or spread them knowingly. There is absolutely no record outside of church "scholars" for any such thing...I dare you to produce it AND the sources...remember,,,I don't want more church lies to validate these other lies.

The borrom line is that one half (the Roman) became the official creed of an empire, and ever since has been a persecutor of peoples. The other half, the always persecuted Church of the East, never became any political power. were NOT were TOLERATED. The only time you people were singled out was when you broke the laws. Had they wanted to persecute you for real it would have been an easy matter to rif themselves of you all once and for all...that they didn't and you being as defenseless as you admit..means they never had any intention or desire to persecute you..just get you to obey the Laws.

I hope that answers your question.

...not at all. You merely repeated the same have no proof...and I'm not asking for any...I gave up on that...what I asked you was how it was possible that in the West people had to be persecuted and murdered and forced INTO Jesus while the same Jesus was accepted willingly by those millions you keep makes no sense, Constantine claim violence was necessary in one place and not in another...why would some reject Jesus to death and others leap into him?

...You have still to address this...but I can wait.

...some "pouncing"!



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