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in a closet with fuckya....
Posted by Aunty Christ (Guest) - Tuesday, October 5 2004, 18:31:39 (CEST)
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...this guy represents the classic faggot who`s desperate to deny his deepest longings. He actually thinks it`s an insult to call a man a "girl" or a "she". This is the woman-hating Faggot...disguising his homosexual desires behind a facade of super-machismo. The give-away is that this kind of closet faggot thinks hating or insulting women is what "real" men do. He thinks that way because HE, as a clost faggot who is JEALOUS of women, hates them so...and has a caricature in mind when he imagines what real men would do...because he doesn`t know for real how a "man" feels towards women.

His kind is the male homosexual who receives "favors". In prison he would be the one to GET fucked. His conflict is that he sees the passive role as also "feminine" which triggers both his envy AND his self-loathing, envy because the woman has no trouble accepting into her body what he`s so conflicted over and self-loathing because he knows under that masculine facade is a Queer too afraid to do the "manly" thing and brteak out into the open...this kind of "man" is a scared rabbit. It`s a very complicated labyrinth made that much harder for him because sex roles are so fucking contrived and manipulated, not "natural" at all.

The guy wants to be the "woman"...yet he hates you can see by the amount of reliance he places on calling men "she" as the supreme insult, which it is to him, to his facade of manliness. This is what HE fears and loathes...being a she. His super masculine Front makes it worse for what he loathes he also secretly desires.

To make it simpler...the guy hates himself...and projects that hatred onto a "loose" and "lascivious" world these types see all around them. Because THEY can`t admit their true longings openly they become twisted and perverse...which leads them to conclude, NOT that they need some serious help...but that the REST of us must all be sick and twisted too...ESPECIALLY those who come out of their closet and take it in the ass with abandon and delight...that is his WORST nightmare because it is his STRONGEST desire...but a secret one...that`s why these kinds are so fucking uptight..they are afraid that if they give an inch here and there..they might soon take nine inches THERE!

..pity the guy and pass on.


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