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Posted by aunty christ (Guest) - Wednesday, October 6 2004, 2:39:10 (CEST)
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Let`s get this straight...there is a library in the world filled with Christian accounts of how wonderful and miraculous they this library they leave out all the blood they spilled.

I ask Dean if he has any proof to offer for the fantastic claims made in the books in this library...he and Paul say all the proof you need is IN that Christian Library. I ask, for instance, is there any proof outside that Christian Library that shows the Romans weren`t in Parthia when the few Christians were...Paul runs fast, outside the Christian Library and get`s me the map from somewhere else. I thank him for correcting me but I notice another slight problem..and that is that it makes no sense to admit great violence was used to convert some...while others bought it all for free...would he have some independent proof outside of the Christian Library, which is of course eager to make such a claim...alas there is none. All Paul and Dean manage to do is bring me a saint or two, right out of Christian several "books" brought to us by the same people who will believe anything, so long as it is unbelieveable and they didn`t see it themselves....

This is "proof" asking a known Liar to tell the truth...THIS time.

They have no evidence of any kind but more church fables to back up the ridiculous claim that 80 million pagans leapt joyously into Christ...didn`t have to be beaten and raped like all the other pagans round the world were by this same religion...when it could afford an army.

But this has historically left them in a tough bind for how do they account for the fact that in all the countries where people joined up after only one introductory offer..those countries are NONE of them Christian and their congregations have gone nowhere? Why didn`t the religion sweep all before it if it had such an easy time with millions and millions? The amswer, such as it is, has to be that those others were just plain too Evil...or, the one they prefer...nasty old Islam killed them all and scared others from joining up.

Like children who start out with one lie...and are soon forced into another and another..these people, such as Paul and Dean, are so addlepated from years of buying and spreading these lies that you can`t get them to stand still and tell anything close to a truth. They blame a whole set of banshees for all their ills..such as: they WOULD have converted the entire planet were it not fill in the blank.

I think, on reflection, Paul is right...the Christians in his East were the Jews driven out by Rome who settled in and were accepted by the decent pagans of the East. The Romans threw the Jews out in 70 AD and soon after that membership into the Jewish sect of Christianity was openned up to non-Jews. Doesn`t mean anyone just means Paul recognized the need to do everything they could to attract followers....

Over the centuries they grew at about the rate you`d expect a small sect to reproduce at, if they only screwed each other...a very Jewish thing to do.

There were no millions and millions...these were claims too sweet to in, "we were SO popular EVERYONE wanted to join but than nasty old Islam stopped us"!!! It is a funny little game of theirs that if only they write enough books and then build "schools, god love you, and repeat this nonsense for centuries, they will then have the "facts" to back up their claims. Another lie bites the dust.

And I don`t need to hear from more "scholars" who believe the bible is the word of a "god".


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