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not to ruin all this fun....
Posted by parhad (Guest) - Friday, August 6 2004, 15:57:36 (CEST)
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...but by way of making you understand the difference between satire and mere farce...and by the way, there is such a thing as cruel satire AND farce....let me say that the person who wrote that thing about your relative was doing what you just did...he took someone he wanted to make appear in a certain light...also to get back at what he dislikes and doesn`t want talked about..and put that person in a scenario he made up that we all know had nothing to do with that person.

Never mind whether it was funny or not or you were a crab for protesting. The point is that the guy deliberately missed his mark by a mile..but it wasn`t his intention illuminate the real character of that man...respected as he obviously is by so many of you...he wanted to smear the man`s memory and send a warning to Tiglath, who was doing to them what I`m doing to you..showing you up a little better than you would like by NOT reverting to a cruel farce but by using your own STOP or his family will be "exposed".

Now, you aren`t the same kind of mean motherfucker that guy is...we all know that. But you ARE in a sort of a corner and rats and Christians can get temporarily mean by being forgetful of the rules they wanted when they weren`t in the corner..also by not being mindful who got them into their corner and why they`re there and can find no way to get out but by taking a jab at a man`s family.

You are not a mean rat...but you are a rat in a corner.

Freindly advice meant to improve you and make a more formidable challenger out of you. Give it your best shot..not your lowest.


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