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of maps and things and Paul too
Posted by Aunty Christ (Guest) - Thursday, September 30 2004, 18:34:57 (CEST)
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...Paul came gushing on here to get back his errant cousin and to clear up my error about the Romans forcibly converting him....he had no trouble and needed hardly a nanosecond to post the map that proved me wrong.

...but then he openned a far bigger can of worms for himself and you`ll notice his absence because of it. Now, he may well have been recalled to heaven for a conference and will be back with us shortly..but I doubt it.

He placed his entire faith and credibility on the claim that Christianity is really very wonderful and self-explanatory and appealing if you do it RIGHT..and apparently, his church did it right because at one time they had 80 million Christians whom no one forced..only they all got eaten and buried in 600 graves.

He got out of one jam with a map...but is lost now in the new scenario he painted for us. Where is the map this time?

..we are patient..and don`t want to gloat...yet.


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