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=> oh, by the way.

oh, by the way.
Posted by Habibi (Guest) - Saturday, August 7 2004, 1:42:55 (CEST)
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Habibi wrote:
>> You`re merely making fun of us by creating foolish dialogue you WIS we`d use, this is wish fulfillment it is not satire....which is certainly legitimate.
>xxx You mean Paul wants to see me naked? I don't think I mentioned nudity in my posts... and not that I'm against it, but Paul seems to have brought it up himself....

...PaulŠs kind have to bring up EVERYTHING themselves...

xxx Yeah, Paul's kind are pretty twisted individuals.... Also, I meant "not that I'm against *nudity*." Otherwise that statement might sound like I'm not against Paul seeing me naked. I am definitely against Paul seeing me naked. Ugh. (I would throw up right now, if I had anything in my stomach).


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