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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Thursday, October 7 2004, 21:04:16 (CEST)
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...pickled pure...

I love the "success" that pleases these boys. Whenever they can be affirmed by ANYBODY else they are especially tickled.

The success of the petition campaign

Posted By: Peter BetBasoo <> (
Date: Wednesday, 6 October 2004, at 8:20 p.m.

In Response To: Testimony of Dr. Marshall in House International Relations Committee (Fred Aprim)

Read the five points of action that Dr. Marshall is recommending for Assyrians, they are the same exact points that the petition recommended (see here if you've forgotten:

...and they are the same ones you all wanted the last time you were left holding your what?

Thank you all who signed the e-petition or paper petition. Know that with unity of purpose we can help our people in the homeland.

..oh you've been a BIG help. The people in the homeland wished you'd all shut the fuck up! As we heard when the churches were bombed....both our Muslims and Christians work and live together and support each other. It is YOU assholes safe in the West who fill your spare hours with visions of national greatness for which you have helped bring on the worst suffering they EVER knew. You have hurt them far far more than any "help". You have "helped" release forces of religious intolerance such as Iraq never have helped murder thousands of their have helped ruin their economy and have helped people steal their treasures and ruin their future...this is all the "help" you have been....


17 ChaldoAssyrians have been killed in the past 14 days. Think about that. We are witnessing a genocide unfolding in slow motion. are witnessing nothing more than collaborators get their just desserts...and far more Muslim collaborators have been killed than Christians.

...This "genocide" in slow-motion is nothing more than the historic expectations any Quislings can have...the real Genocide has been brought to ALL the Iraqi is NOT a "Religious-o-cide" is called a GENUS-cide...the murder of a ETHNICITY...and though all such terms are in error...the term applies more to the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis murdered by YOUR help...than it does to the handful of collaborators who happened to be Christian..they could have been Mongolians for all that matters.

...You have yet to admit or mention the thousands of Christians killed by favor of the few you found killed by Muslims....

...these people were not innocent victims...certainly no martyrs...but why should you change? You've been a raging success so Putz!

Put aside everything and dedicate yourself to helping our people in Iraq. Time may literally be running out for them. isn't time that's running out...THEY are. Their best hope, thanks to all your help, is to leave the country...and it's the one thing they need most help with and also the one thing YOU don't plan to help with. Though you took the first plane out you could...though you didn't stay to go be "free" in the north...though you are as happy as a pig in shit to be in want someone else to stay behind...even though you've made it far more dangerous for them now than at any time before.

..and not many besides you and I know that was EXACTLY your intention with all your lying "news" all along. The only "hope" you have is to get enough of them killed...that's your REAL "help". You don't mind though because it's the least inconvenient way for YOU to shine...where you are safe in America and present yourself to a stupid community as a "nationalist"...when you're just an Undertaker.


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