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the myth of democracy
Posted by Aunty Christ (Guest) - Friday, October 8 2004, 18:18:54 (CEST)
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I hate it when some smart ass takes things on and leaves out so many important details...that THEY don`t want democracy is supposed to be some kind of code about how backwards they are? Do Americans benefit from their own system of government? If a dictatorship gives you free medical care...guaranteed employment and security at a living many people would stay in THIS kind of democracy?

It isn`t a democracy when people are pleading with Nader NOT to run for office....what`s the matter with us? Do we actually think saying YES to either one of two bad choices foisted on us by power brokers is any kind of democracy? Why were we laughing at Iraqi elections in which all the voter could do was vote "yes" for Saddam? What if it was an election between Saddam ONE and Saddam TWO? Neither Saddam nor President is going to improve living conditions for anybody who votes...we too have only ONE two pairs of pants.

Neither party will raise the minimum wage a minimum...neither will give you health care or jobs or any kind of security at all..both parties will figure ways to keep you and your wife working and working and working..both parties will buy up the Media so you never have to worry about global warming or destruction of the environment or pollution...and to make sure you sleep soundly at night they won`t even let you hear about it...and both parties will support the Super Bowl and Church because they keep you entertained and hopeful on Sundays.

All democracies degenerate in Time...they all become the victims of their own all of them the rich and powerful grow more so while the rest of us pierce our bodies and drink isn`t the first time democracy existed on earth...what America has is a better Front than anyone ever had before...but the front is collapsing and the collapse was getting into the papers too`s really very simple.

Henry Miller predicted the end of America back in the 20s...


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