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Posted by aunty christ (Guest) - Sunday, October 3 2004, 3:11:38 (CEST)
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..Paul runs up and tells me there are ten thousand books about how a Jew walked straight up a tree trunk 2000 years ago and miraculously turned into a microwave oven and flew to heaven and it's TRUE, damn your pagan lack of faith...and he leaves it at that...what do you do?

If these guys are STILL going to believe verbatim what jackassess who didn't know soap from dinner said 2000 years the hell can you discuss anything with them? To all your proof that such a thing not only never happened but never COULD happen, they'll smile at you in that beatific way that looks so like someone DID a Pisheeta in their face only they don't want to let on...then, for proof, he brings ten thousand books written by experts on that microwave that flew to heaven...and they are SATISFIED!!!

I love the title, Doctor of Divinity...might as well get a Phd in Cannibalism..what kind of DEGREE is that fer the lord's sake!


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