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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Thursday, September 9 2004, 3:48:08 (CEST)
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Paul Younan wrote:
>Biologists have four criteria for determining if something is alive: growth, metabolism, reproduction, and reaction to stimuli. The human pre-born baby displays all four and therefore is alive. does a does a pimple on your Biologists also determined that a fetus isn`t viable...not until it COULD live on its own..just as they`ve dcided that a damaged person or an old one who could not maintain life without machines doing it to him isn`t "alive"...walking though Life as a vegetable youtself I realize this makes you nervous for you never know when you`ll be sitting at your deak sniffing Pisheetas when someone will pull the plug on`re a walking advertisement for the benefits of terminating the brain almost-dead as well. Are you one aborted`ve had your chance..plenty of years to do a usefull`s over...
>1.) They do indeed grow. No one argues that. does a boil

>2.) They do metabolize. At conception, the pre-born baby absorbs water, nutrients, and oxygen, to build and repair her body. does a boil (and stop kissing ass with the women here by inserting "she" instead of the HE who dreamed this garbage mortality of your`s up..honestly, how STUPID are the people you get this stuff from...does this work in Chicago?)

>3.) The reproduction criteria was meant to say: as a species, can they reproduce? Humans don’t have the maturity to reproduce for at least a dozen years after birth. Although the human zygote can asexually reproduce themselves (that’s how we get identical twins).

..the cells in a boil also reproduce.

>4.) Metabolizing is an example of reacting to stimuli. From conception on forward, you display this trait. Also, pre-born babies are able to feel pain because they have a fully functionaly nervous system in the 1st trimester. they don`t. Reaction to stimuli isn`t "pain"`s a reaction. Your boil also reacts and feels pain...and lets you know about it too.
>Zygote, fetus, embryo… are not to be regarded as a different creature than an adult human. They are stages of growth. Though a zygote may not look as human as a newborn baby, you could say the same when comparing a newborn to an elder. Your age or stage of human maturity does not determine you humanity; being conceived by humans and having the same 48 chromosomes all humans have is what makes you human.

..what a crock! Again...give us the biologists you got this crap from...what university? Who published this book? What does the rest of the literature say and most importantly of all..just who snuck the editorializing in there? What you fail to accept is that we`ve HEARD all this for years..and it didn`t work..and your family horror photos don`t work`s`re just a boil on the arse of Women`s Liberation...we`re still not gonna dress you up and you show you to the neighbors..why don`t you learn to walk upright? I can just see you 10,000 years ago making a biological case for Mugwhumps demand that we eat our children raw..that cooking them flies in the face of Mugwhump morality. HONESTLY!
>Those are the indisputable facts. All pre-born babies are alive and human from the moment of conception.

...the facts may be indisputable but your conclusion is open to all kinds of dispute..this is what you lunkheads always posit perfectly reasonable points and then draw a wild-arsed conclusion YOU say follows perfectly..usually you merely use your conclusion, the one you were aiming at all along as your ^proposition"..and then SURPRISE you "conclude" from your conclusion that your conclusion is proven..are you SERIOUS?

Proposition: it`s wrong to abort because you kill life.

Proposition: Life is alive.

Conclusion: it is wrong to abort because you kill life that is alive.

I mean REALLY!!!

Your facts left out the biggest criteria of all, the one politicians, biologists, doctors and ethicists used..that a fetus isn`t VIABLE lives ONLY because the mother`s body supplies all its basic such it is POTENTIAL life...remember..we don`t care what your god says or his biologists..the criteria you supplied don`t fit the case of abortions..they are too general and don`t apply to this specific procedure...get real....all you said applies to the dead children in Iraq...who were also VIABLE at the time of THEIR murder..yet we hear nothing from any of you about that..and I tell you what..if the social pressure and and penallties you faced for harping on abortions were anywhere near to what you can expect if you tell Bush to stop murdering wouldn`t say a WORD about abortions either..your morals are fluid all piss running down your leg.
>"Cursed be he that taketh reward to slay an innocent person. And all the people shall say, Amen." - Deuteronomy 27:25

.."Fucked be Deuteronomy, and I say Amen" parhad 1:2:3

..what`s a Deutronomy that like a Dusenberg? What the fuck does your bible have to do with anything? Where did you get it in your heads that you "clinch" an argument by quoting locust eating sheepshitherders who kileed their OWN children? Are we to be impressed? Why don`t you discuss issues like a civilized Human Bean...


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