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A little quiz for you PANCHO !
Posted by Ashur Beth-Shlimon (Guest) - Thursday, November 16 2006, 5:12:32 (CET)
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Website title: Jameel Rafael Reply to the Chladean Church Patriarch

Sir Pancho:

No question that you are very well educated and prudent , here I have a little quiz for you :

- In the first days of invasion by the Arab Muslims on Damascus in the early seventh century A.D., the Arab General who lead such invasion was Khlid Ben al-Walid which the Arab Muslims gave him a nick name ' the Sword of GOD ' because his sword use to kiss people very mercifully, was dismissed from his post , my question to you is:

Why he was dismissed by the Caliph ?

Again, I need a short and concise answer without spinning around as your do always UNFORTUNATELY , and thank you very much in advance .

Ashur Beth-Shlimon


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