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Posted by Maggie (Guest) - Tuesday, November 21 2006, 21:50:18 (CET)
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Re: no religion talk...
By:Maggie Yonan
Date: Tuesday, 21 November 2006, at 9:14 pm
In Response To: Re: no religion talk... (Ashtar)

Ashtar wrote:
"By accepting the Mosaic Code, he is completing the work that God has begun"
Do you have any proof that Moses even existed, much less "accepted commandments from God"? Until you or a scientist, an archaelogist, a Paleontologist, or any oligist, or for that matter a THEOLOGIST, PROVES to us that Moses actually existed and was not a Jewish fairy tale, the scientific world will go on believing that the Jews took the commandments from the code of Hammurabi, and invented a plagerized version of Sargon I, called MOSES.

"however, Jesus fulfills it by adding the solution, forgiveness."

I guess when I lived in Assyria I had NEVER heard of forgiveness. I had to wait for a Jew boy to be born and get killed before I would hear of the word "forgiveness".

"First and foremost, Christians were given two blessings, one blessing is through the law of Moses, but the grace and truth came through Jesus Christ (John 1:2)."

If Moses didn't exist to begin with, there goes your theory! I have two blessings in Assyria I would like to sell you. Will you be as eager to buy them as you are for buying the Jewish ones?

"Jesus added love to the Mosaic Code."

Then how come you people don't even have love for one another, much less other human beings who are NOT Christian? You see what I mean? I can make up ANY story, and if I'm good enough with my writing skills, people will believe it! In essence, you are saying there was no love and forgiveness in Assyria, and we needed a Jew boy to bring it to us! If you people were TRUE Christians, then you would be able to love ALL people, Muslims, Hindus, Atheists, etc. because no one asked you to discriminate against another religion by becoming a FANATIC CHRISTIAN.

"He included the forgiveness of sins, as the Mosaic Code makes no mention of forgiveness, "eye for an eye, and tooth for a tooth."

Were you there when these ingredients were added to the Jewish recipe?

"Secondly, Abgar converting "to Jesus" meant that he accepted Jesus as the Christ, meaning he converted to Christianity!!!

Did Jesus ask him to do that? Who asked him to make up a religion called "Christianity"? Jesus cannot help it if the Assyrians MADE Jesus a Messiah, AFTER HIS DEATH. Did Jesus ask them to in his last will and testament?

"Although Jesus' birth and miracles were prophesized in the Old Testament (Torah, see Isaiah 53), Jesus Christ is present in the New Testament. Therefore, those that have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior are considered Christians!!!"

First let me ask you: Why was the Old Testament and the Torah plagerized from the Assyrian "book of Ashur", which never made it into the Canonized version of the "HOLY BOOK"?

And what are expecting Jesus to SAVE you from, pray tell?

"Love God and love your neighbor" (Matthew 22:37-40), not stated in the Mosaic Code."

Then how come you people don't love your Muslim neighbors? Did your messiah tell you to love ONLY your "Christian" neighbors?

"The Mosaic Law is good because it teaches us right from wrong"

What what wrong with the Hamurabi code of law? It was used for centuries to create the most magnificent civilization the world has EVER seen. Why did the Jews have to change the name of the code from Hammurabi Code to the Mosaic Code to get YOU to believe in it?

"however, law cannot save man from condemnation"

Who has condemmend man, but the Jews with their ignorance and deceipt? A true GOD like Alaha Ashur, DOES NOT CONDEMN MAN. And still you worship an ignorant, jealous, horrible, JEWISH God! That means you people LOVE condemnation!

"and it does not give eternal life (grace and forgiveness of sins)."

Assyrians wouldn't give a free ticket to heaven so you turned Jew? Always looking for free stuff! Typical Assyrians!!!

"Through the Holy Spirit you can call God Abba, Father. The law cannot make you the children of God, this only comes from the Holy Spirit. Although Jesus accepted the Mosaic Code, Judaism does not save you! Jesus is the Savior (John 14:6)!!!"

Now I know why Assyrians dumped Alaha Ashur for a Jew God! Alaha Ashur wouldn't "save" you a FREE ticket to anything. You had to work hard for it and earn it by becoming civilized!

By the way, just tell us, if you don't mind, what is Jesus saving you from? YOURSELF? There's nothing on earth to be saved from, so I would like to know what YOU as a "Christian" want to be saved from? Is Godzilla back? Is there a fire-breathing dragon in your neighborhood? Is there a ghost or a monster in your closet?

Don't get me wrong, I don't care how mankind wants to worship God in the privacy of their own home or church, but it is offensive when you drag it all over the forum and try to preach to us how YOU worship God, because each one of us worships God in his/her own way, so is it fair for YOU to be constantly talking about how YOU worship God? Just imagine if each one of us did that on this forum?


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