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Assyrianism VS Christianity
Posted by Maggie (Guest) - Sunday, September 25 2005, 8:44:59 (CEST)
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If this wasn't so sad, I would be laughing my head off!!!

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Truth Hurts

Posted By: Educated Assyrian (
Date: Saturday, 24 September 2005, at 5:11 p.m.

In Response To: Questions about the petition against Mar Bawai (Doozoota)

Dear Dozoota,

It is truly sad how our nation is spinning half-truths and lies and blindly following corrupt leaders. We need to see everything through Jesus. "What Would Jesus Do" needs to be applied to everything our leaders do! And from this one simple yet powerful outlook, I can accurately and precisely say that Mar Bawai is correct and truly following the fundamentals of Christianity. I am a proud Assyrian, but being Assyrian is not going to get me into Heaven and place me next to Jesus; Christianity is!!!!!!!

Lets at least try to be like Jesus and not like the devil. Praise the glorious day that we select leaders that place Jesus above nationality and more importantly above rash and trivial petitions that further divide our small peoples.

God bless you Dozoota and God Bless our eeta


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