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=> Cindy Sheehan's letter to Pelosi & Conyers demanding Impeachment

Cindy Sheehan's letter to Pelosi & Conyers demanding Impeachment
Posted by Meee (Guest) - Monday, November 13 2006, 10:06:37 (CET)
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Cindy Sheehan

She says it turns our stomachs to think of our representatives "working with" those who let BushCo almost destroy the democratic principles we have lived under for 230 years....

How furious are we?

Are we willing to push the congress to punish the Constitution shredders?

They swore to uphold and defend it... what do the people demand of those who break such a sacred oath so blatantly?

Check out this letter from our PEACE MOM... and then decide...


Open Letter to Reps Pelosi and Conyers
We are Setting the Table Now
Cindy Sheehan

Dear Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Conyers,

I am writing this open letter to you both on the day after Veteran's Day. A day that has so much more meaning to me since my son Casey was KIA in Iraq for absolutely no reason but to line the pockets of the war machine. I cried in front of his symbolic tombstone at Arlington Northeast in Philadelphia and I dreamed of him before I awakened. Casey's "tombstone" was planted in the ground directly across from Liberty Hall which was the birth place of our Republic. How tragic it was to see 2842 tombstones of our brave young people who have been killed by people who are trampling all over our Constitution and making a mockery out of the separations of power and the original intent of that document. 2842 citizens who were willing to volunteer for service and were killed by people who lied to the world to send them to invade and occupy a country in a war of aggression that has killed almost a million Iraqi citizens. How tragic it is that our newly elected Democratic leadership are already talking about abrogating their Constitutional responsibilities, again?

We the people are shocked that you two are already stridently iterating over and over again that impeachment is "off the table." Since the historic Nov. 7th elections, I have talked to a boat-load of Americans who want impeachment on the table. We activists worked hard to make these elections about national issues, like the illegal and immoral occupation of Iraq, and the culture of corruption that, especially you, Ms. Pelosi have been railing against for months now.

We the people put the Democrats back into power because we want to see a change in this country and a rejection of politics as usual. We want politics as unusual. We want to see the issue of impeachment and a speedy and safe withdrawal of our troops from Iraq de-politicized and brought into the realm of "right and wrong" where these issues belong, not "right and left."

We the people are here to tell you that we are the ones that are going to be setting the table, now. For too many years, we have allowed you people, who are just like us and elected by us and from us, to tell us what the agenda will be. Like I told George in a recent letter to him (no response yet, hmm), a sleeping giant has been awakened in this country and we are not going back to sleep just because the Democrats, only with grassroots involvement and commitment, are back in power in Congress.

It turns our stomachs when you talk about "working" with the Republicans. First of all, these people have allowed BushCo free rein in committing their high crimes and misdemeanors and crimes against humanity. Why would you want to work with murderers, liars, and crooks? When one works with criminals, one becomes complicit and culpable for those crimes. We elected you all to be different, not more of the same.

Secondly, and more importantly, BushCo have openly committed egregious crimes which they have all admitted to. The question really isn't: should they be impeached, but why haven't they been impeached, removed from office and criminally charged and tried for these crimes, yet? I believe that when Congressional Representatives and Senators are sworn into office they take an oath to protect the constitution, not to protect and abet criminals. The investigation and eventual rubber stamp to begin impeachment proceedings against Nixon was a bi-partisan effort and Nixon wasn't even investigated for the level of crimes that BushCo should be investigated for.

We realize that you have a tremendous and daunting task before you both. We know for six years that your governmental body has been busy giving its power away to a maniac who has abused and misused that power so incompetently and tragically. However, to say that impeachment can't be one of the issues that Congress begins immediate work on is not giving you all enough credit. Impeachment has been done before in our country and it has never before been so urgent.

How many times has George said that the troops aren't coming home while he is president?

How many times has BushCo lied to us and admitted those lies? Or been caught in those lies?

How many people have they killed for greed of money and power and how many lives have been destroyed by them?

How many laws have BushCo broken and admitted to breaking?

How many people have they physically and mentally wounded by torture and by sending our brave young people wrongly to Iraq and not supporting them when they get there?

How much longer will you allow them to violate and desecrate everything that we hold dear as Americans and human beings?

We the people demand that you do your duties as officers and protectors of our Constitution and we demand that you do your duties as members of humanity to call a halt to the crimes against humanity of the Bush regime.

When the 110th Congress is seated on January 3rd, we the people, who also have a duty to our Constitution (We the People is the first line) and a duty to humanity will be walking the halls of your offices to tell you what our agenda is and what we want on the table.

I admire and respect both of you and I know you will do the right thing, but you better heed the will of we the people, or we will find other people who will. I hope you do believe that we want you to represent us and not the special interests of the war machine.

We the people are serious about true change this time and we are willing to walk, work, sit, stand, write, travel, sweat, freeze, be arrested, and scream for these changes.

Impeachment and removal from office are not for the squeamish or faint of heart, but we are not either of those things. We are all brave and (p)(m)atriotic Americans who realize that healing of the political divide that has characterized the Bush regime will only begin when our young people and the people of Iraq see justice for all of the death and misery that they have afflicted humanity with.

Our children who have been sent to early graves or have to live the rest of their lives with PTSD or missing limbs, and the people of Iraq (not to mention the victims of Katrina) are crying out for this justice. Justice is meted out everyday in our world and if BushCo are not brought to justice then justice loses its meaning and effectiveness.

Do it for Casey, do it for his buddies, do it for the people of Iraq, do it for the people who were devastated by Katrina, do it to bring legitimacy back to Congress and our Constitution, do it to raise our reputation in the international community, do it just because it is the right thing to do.

See you on the January 3rd.

Peace soon,
Cindy Sheehan

Mother of Casey Sheehan who was KIA in Iraq on 04/04/04 by George's war of terror.
Co-founder and President of Gold Star Families for Peace.
Founder of Camp Casey Peace Institute
Author of Peace Mom: A Mother's Journey through Heartache to Activism


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