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Posted by Emil (Guest) - Wednesday, November 9 2005, 3:16:35 (CET)
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Website title: Square Moon Diary of Emil Keliane

Well, there goes the ending. Thanks a lot! And for what? A sophomore attempt at "dissecting" the significance of a tragicomedy from an "existential" point of view? Was this originally a paper for a junior college English Comp class, because while it tried to "convey" an idea it definitely flopped in being emotive, followed a stringent formula of writing, and fell flat, flat, flat. It makes me actually NOT want to see the film.
Nice attempt on the part of Nakhraya. But we can always do better, and we should strive to do better. Keep up the good work, N.
That said, I AM indeed looking forward to seeing this film.
It's ironic, I don't own a single movie on DVD- save yoga instructions- because I can't bear to be one more faceless notch in the belly of the "celebrity machine", but "Poetic Emancipation" is definitely a worthy start...


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