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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Saturday, November 18 2006, 21:43:31 (CET)
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The thousands of statements, articles and official released that our people have on many occasions put out expressing their wishes that all countries where multi-religions exist and specifically Iraq to be a pluralistic and a unified country where all citizens are treated equally under a democratic religion-free constitution.

...African Americans expressed those same wishes for a few centuries in America...yet they never called on any African nation to come "liberate them"...instead and even though they were 14th class citizens they maintained their loyalty to the country whose white citizens were empowered to lynch thousands of them annually...they maintained their loyalty and fought for the nation and fought in the streets and in the courts but always as good citizens and soldiers...even going to Vietnem to win "freedom" for the Vietnamese that THEY couldn't enjoy at home themselves...but their dedication to the United States as THEIR country was never ever people, on the famous other hand, have made yourselves suspect by your oft repeated calls to be SAVED by European Christianity.

Anyone of us can wish the same for all people without distinction. Except you. No matter what the topic is you will always put us down.

...I put your Christian religion in its place for what it's done to us...and scores of other people. I don't put Assyrians down...someone who wanted to put Assyrians down wouldn't have risked his life and finances making Assyrian monuments and sculpture...I have no problem with Assyrians and love my heritage...what I resent is the attempt of your flea bitten churches, all of the Jewish faith, to do to us what the Hebrews NEVER could accomplish..they have snuck in among us, after first being forced down our throat..they have replaced our Assyrian identity and heritage with a Jewish one, merely tacking on the name "Assyrian" as your church famously did a few years back,,,I resent the way they have gelded us, emasculated us and tried to convince us that they "saved us" when it is we who have saved THEM...something they repay with ever more treachery and deceit.

...Assyrians today are of ALL religions...and the fact that you all Talkalot about being Assyrians proves nothing to me...the Iraqis, Muslims among them, who also speak of their heritage including Assyria are DOING something to protect BetNahrain...while you write.

..your insistence that as Christians you are the ONLY Assyrians YOU'LL allow is the most ridiculous thing I ever heard...this crackpot idea of yours has caused nothing but grief to those wishing to remain in witnesed by the devastation brought to BetNahrain by your religion. We have to remove this thorn in all our sides...if you are Assyrian then you work for the benefit of the entire country...which you have never done...because it was "mean" to you.

Over time, reading what you spit out, the subject matter has never been clearer to me knowing what your message is all about.

...I'm not at all impressed by your ability to understand the English language...I doubt if you've understood much of anything.

We just can not seem to live up to your expectations.

...on the contrary, you live up to them are a Christian striving to use the name of Assyria to gain an advantage for yout Judo-Christo sect...nothing is clearer than that...I work for and build for an ASSYRIAN heritage...not a Christian Heritage that has tacked on the name have never disappointed me...indeed you have helped clarify my thoughts...for which I am most grateful. Without you I never could have sharpened my ideas so quickly.

The only thing that would please you is for us to capitulate and surrender the rest of this nation to your ideal religion. tried that...look where it got you. You people made your reputation switching you could "live forever".

...I have no more liking for Islam than I have for Christianity. I just insist you be fair and somewhat honest. I would have spoken up for the Jews and against the same Christians,,,that wouldn't make me Jewish either I'm interested in justice for all and right now the ones being treated most unjustly are the people of Iraq, all of them..and your barely disguised racism is part of the problem not a solution and I resent your dragging the noble Assyrian name down with you into this Christian nightmare you've brought to BetNahrain..I am not Muslim...I am inspired by and follow the lead of Ashur and all those Assyrians who built and never begged...this begging for your rights is something the hapless Hebrews taught you. It was never a part of Assyrians. I don't want you to please me...far from it. I simply want to keep blowing holes in this Assyrian cover you use to hide your Christian wiles behind.

It ain’t happening again!

...whatever you say. You've been proven so wrong on Iraq that your followers should have complete confidence in you...and Britain again if it should someday want to liberate you all over again.

My dialogues and those of other people with you have always focused on your only obsession “Christian Bashing” and now you think of us of being cry babies.

...I know you are crybabies because you believe a Jew will come save you...and you are Assyrian? I don't bash mother was Christian...I didn't bash her. I bash your ridiculous notion that Christianity makes you a REAL Assyrian. And why? Because you TALK A LOT about it...while doing absolutely nothing.

Well Pancho, we all cry for something that we hold dear.
I will cry for the Assyrian-Christian future in a democratic Iraq and the Middle East.

..while you cry, the people there are DEFENDING themselves. The United States committed unspeakablke barbarisms on its way to the country you enjoy today...there was a time in this country when darkies such as you would not have been welcome and would have been beaten to a democracy it began by stealing the lands of the indigenous people and murdering next stole human beings and brought them to the shores of Freedom and Denocracy to be their slaves and it denied legal equity to its women for most of its existence..these things changed slowly, very slowly and over change them took dedication , sacrifice, time, intelligence etc...America did not change and grow and mature by people CRYING!

...we have to extend the same freedom to develop and mature, in their own time, to other nations and we had ourselves..and we should help them for real instead of bombing them to a dark age because their history didn't keep pace with our's.

You are not people of good use the weaknesses of people, their immaturity and mistakes...all of which YOU too have exhibited, as a pious excuse to pound, murder and rob you are doing in Iraq and soon will do in Iran...your tears are fake, self-indulgent tears meant to get you pity, which is the one great "strategy" you all dreamed up..the tears of Iraqis are real.

You cry and moan over a cancelled beautiful bronze status of Shamirum (I too, shed a tear or two because I did see it).

...I never cried about it. Crybabies aren't the type to spend 13 years and their own money to build monuments. I was sad for all the young Assyrians who won't have the chance to see some element of pride...real pride. In the long run it worked out for the best...nothing could have shot holes through this "we are proud Assyrians" better than the indifference of 80,000 Christians in Chicago CALLING themselves Assyrians, who had no interest in their supposed history as Assyrians..who would have been UP IN ARMS had I made a statue of St Thomas or Mar Two which had received the same treatment....what happened in Chicago has helped define and refine my position all the more...sure, it would have been a greater feather in my cap to have a monument in San Francisco AND Chicago...but no one goes into art or dealing with "Assyrians expecting to be rewarded for it...I just didn't think I would become the ENEMA of the "Assyrians" in attempting such a thing.

Your idea of an Assyria is a mediocre thing..that isn't my doing..I tried rather to change that by poroducing something of real value and quality...something not intended for the AUA or a civic club..but something that could stand on its own and compete for space with the best the world has to offer..and I succeeded...under the inspiration of Ashur and with the help of several people..but my real crime, for which you people can never forgive me, is I raised the bar for what can pass as Assyrian...the majority, in fact ALL of your "leaders" are ever sense of the word and they fight like hell to keep Assyria a haven for amateurs and mediocrity because it's far easier for them to be "great"...not only do they not understand how to play in the outside world, but they refuse devote the time and energy it takes to get there..instead they lead Assyria when they aren't driving a taxi...or on the weekends...or after work in the garage or basement...if you tried to be a doctor or a lawyer on that basis you'd be a pretty bad one...I didn't sculpt as a hobby...I dedicated all my time and energy to it and risked my family in the process...I earned my livlihood, not as a pilot or engineer who leads Assyrian after work..I earned my way and supported my family as a PROFESSIONAL Assyrian making his living by making and selling ASSYRIAN art...that is a first for this community..or close to it.

In order to be professional and full-time I had to go into the outside world and compete for space and time and bucks with everyone do that at all I could NOT go on believing in that narrow village-inspired way you all still do. That way of thinking might work for Turlock..or a piano recital at a social club...but it will not hold up on the world's stage, That's why you all remain locked up...issuing petitions and ridiculous letters to wurld leeders...that's why you make such blunders..because you naver dedicated the time to learning the history of the REST of the world or testing yourselves in it, except as martyrs...or trying these ideas on anyone but your cousins and girlfriends or tribal members.

To be ruled by your notions would make me unfit for crossing the street in New would make me would make me hidebound...accepting of dead traditions,,,unable to grow and learn and would mean I remained saddled with yesterday's prejudices...and render me completely unfit to do anything but remain an amateur Assyrian, howling my "greatness" and what the world owes me in the wilderness of a perpetual Turlock.

We should have the right to be what we choose to be.

..of course...just realize that it is only based on your FAITH...not on anything concrete...on that basis and on any given day there are 3457 Napoleons...6574 Cleopatras and at least 1342 Caesars in the world...your advantage is that you aren't locked up....yet.




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