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Posted by Dr Pancho (Guest) - Saturday, March 11 2006, 0:22:08 (CET)
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>While many expatriates try to blend in, Deal said, Reynolds and his
>family stood out and were noticed by others who knew of the case. Word
>reached U.S. deputies in Mexico City, who traced his whereabouts.

...A lot of people visit San Miguel from all over the world, but from Mexico too. It's a popular vacation destination for mexicans as well...and also for the many gringos who live in other cities around Mexico.

..reading that last paragraph again it would seem that that what got them busted was other people, who recognized and knew of the story...which leads me to believe that someone who'd been in San Miguel when all this went down...who saw photos we posted here, or who knew him from before his shit his fan...saw him in Oaxaca...which is where I was told he was hiding...and turned him in....which is sweet indeed. would seem therefore that not only did my original brush with him at least make it so that all the paperwork was done and ready...but in telling the story again and again and alerting people in San Miguel....we sort of made it hard for them hide anywhere...anywhere where there was a sizeable gringo population...and since they were always looking for their next con, they'd be forced to go where richer gringos lived.

There...I feel a lot better now.


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