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Lates Article On Chance Reynolds....
Posted by Dr Pancho (Guest) - Thursday, March 2 2006, 22:59:50 (CET)
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John Brentley Chancellor "Chance" Reynolds, whose seven-year
flight from federal prison took him and his family to Belize, Guatemala
and the mountains of Mexico, was arrested Friday and was on his way back
to the United States.

In the mid-1990s, Reynolds cheated lenders to his cattle operation near
Custer, S.D., including Omaha's Farm Credit Services of America, out of
about $8 million.

Reynolds had been missing since March 1999, when he walked away from a
federal prison camp at Florence, Colo. His wife and their three
daughters disappeared at the same time.

Friday, U.S. Deputy Marshal Jose Chavarria, stationed in Mexico City,
and Mexican authorities went to a residence in south-central Mexico
where Reynolds was believed to be living, said Ken Deal, chief deputy of
the U.S. Marshals Service in Denver.

"They waited for him to show up, and apparently he drove up with his
wife," Deal said.

Mexican authorities took Reynolds into custody without incident, Deal
said, and took him to the airport in nearby Guadalajara for a flight to
Los Angeles or Houston, accompanied by Chavarria and a Mexican
immigration officer.

Deal said Reynolds, 52, may be turned over to U.S. prison authorities
because about five years remain on the seven-year prison term he
received in 1997.

He pleaded guilty to defrauding banks through his ranch in southwestern
South Dakota and northwestern Nebraska. Deal said Reynolds also faces a
five-year sentence for escaping from prison. Authorities are
investigating whether his wife, Celina Neteri Reynolds, should be
charged with aiding and abetting his escape.

Celina Neteri Reynolds, who is not charged with a crime in the United
States, was able to drive away from the arrest scene, Deal said, but
local authorities know where she lives with two of their daughters,
Hallie, about 19, and Annie, about 14. The oldest, Rachel, would be
about 22.

"If she was involved in a crime, yes, we do want her back in the United
States and we will investigate that," Deal said. "Unfortunately, the
girls may have just been unintended victims in all this."

"My Lord!" said Celina Reynolds' sister, Dodie McVeety of Corrales,
N.M., upon hearing of his capture.

She said family members have been worried about the girls and had not
heard from the family since the escape.

Had Reynolds not escaped in 1999, Deal said, he could have completed his
prison sentence by now and rejoined his wife as a free man. "Now there's
that cloud of something happening to her," Deal said.

Reynolds' scheme involved borrowing money for land and cattle. Instead
of buying cattle, much of the money went for travel and a lavish

Officials said Reynolds was a con man who played the role of Western
cattle rancher.

After a 1999 World-Herald story about Reynolds, Charles Sargent Jr. of
Broken Bow, Neb., reported that he had hired the Reynolds family to
oversee an orange and pineapple grove in Belize, in Central America.

Sargent said that when he tried to persuade Reynolds to give himself up,
the family disappeared again, along with about $4,500 in cash from the
orange grove.

Authorities believe they fled to Guatemala, but by 2003 they were near
San Miguel de Allende, a town of about 80,000 in mountainous central
Mexico. There he had a run-in with a U.S. expatriate who accused him of
stealing $25,000 in a scheme to start a horseback riding academy.

Deal said Friday that authorities nearly captured Reynolds in Belize,
Guatemala and San Miguel, but the trail had been cold since 2003.

While many expatriates try to blend in, Deal said, Reynolds and his
family stood out and were noticed by others who knew of the case. Word
reached U.S. deputies in Mexico City, who traced his whereabouts.

...amen. They just couldn't keep their mouths taken by their self-made myth that they couldn't wait to blab it all over...after all, what's the good of being "clever" if people don't KNOW that you are...and since those who actually knew them, in time, came away thinking something was weird and odd in all the self serving and improbabale tales they told, except to wouldn't take long for someone to decide to check...and knowing them I'm sure they screwed several other people along the way so the motive for revenge was established by THEM.

...Celina told me her mother had a doctorate in Anthropology (oh NooooOOO!) she said her sister was a doctor and her brother was twelve times..that's TWELVE TIMES kickboxing champion of the world...a tough enough thing to be once let alone 12 times in a row! Her mother visited once and if ever a woman ran a brothel in her old age, it was THAT anthropologist.

...Once she showed me a paperback she claimed was written by a friend of her's and dedicated to her...and sure enough, on the inside cover was a fulsome note of gratitude to Celina, "signed" by the was sort of funny at the time...I mean how many times they just happened to recall great moments in their heart I think they knew they were skunks from way back...Chance's father was a respected surgeon...who needed to constantly create and embellish their resumes just so they could sort of tolerate themselves...each day they had to have a GREAT feat to share or else they'd be bummed out at the reality of what they were.

The odd part, or maybe not, is that the entire family was extremely gifted...and the girls were beautiful...drop dead gorgeous. They painted, did photography, sang and played guitar, composed songs, sculpted, danced etc. Their parents too were talented in their own way...had they wanted to, they could have made a serious business anywhere or done any number of things...but they lived for the con, they lived to fool you into believing in them..and they LOVED turning the tables on you later for their final if to say..."look what a dummy YOU turned out to BELIEVED in me"!!!


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