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New Charges In Court Case: Ashur Sorrow Caught Breaking His Diet
Posted by Don (Guest) - Tuesday, June 6 2006, 10:04:07 (CEST)
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On Sunday (5/28/06), H.G. Mar Meelis contacted Hon. Sargon Dadesho and stated that he had a document which he would release when the time was right and that if it were to be heard/seen it would leave everyones' jaws dropped.

The lawyers in this case have contacted me and briefed me with this new information. That's right ladies and gentlemen. You heard correctly. And now, this information will be released to you - the readers of this forum - first!

When the ACOTE sued Soro's banks and got a hold of all the new documents they also got a hold of all medical transactions. As a result, they wanted to know why a large sum of money went to a cosmetic surgery which took place at a major hospital in the Bay Area. Therefore, the lawyers contacted them only to be given pictures of the Former Bishop breaking his diet after the gastric bypass surgery.

I have been forwarded pictures of Ashur Soro breaking his diet AFTER the gastric bypass surgery. This information will come in handy in the court case involving plaintiffs ACOE vs. Ashur B. Soro, Shimshon Antar, which was filed on 12/20/05 (Case No 105CV054812). Like the Honorable Persi mentioned, this is not a criminal case. This is a civil case. Therefore, the question here is not whether Ashur Soro is guilty or innocent of eating all those cheeseburgers. The issue at hand is whether or not he is liable for the charges incurred on the ACOTE properties by using the church's money to pay for his expensive cosmetic surgery and all those cheeseburgers that he's been eating.

It seems like it will be pretty easy to prove he is liable. The evidence clearly shows Ashur Soro eating the cheeseburgers...DOUBLE cheeseburgers at that. This proves that Ashur Soro had an appetite problem prior to the surgery. Thus, it follows that he would have had to get such a surgery. If he did get such a surgery, insurance would pay for (at most) half of it. Thus, where would the rest of the money (roughly $50,000) come from? Apparently, Ashur Soro had to take control of the properties illegally so that he could take out loans (and consequently, incur debt) on them and use the money to pay for the remaining costs for his surgery. In conclusion, it is clear that Ashur Soro did in fact use at least part of the monies from the properties to pay for his surgery (and the double cheeseburgers he is seen eating here in this picture AFTER his surgery) and that he is indeed liable for those debts.

So's the evidence:


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