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Pancho and Maggie fighting their shadow
Posted by Ashur Beth-Shlimon (Guest) - Tuesday, November 14 2006, 6:16:57 (CET)
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It seems to me the war of words which is declared on me by PANCHO and Maggie, didn't and doesn't have any reason mere a war that is someone fighting with his shadow.

If these people don't agree with my stand, THEY ARE FREE and I am not the person who is responsible for our people's agony or that they didn't achieve our national goals.

If you people see yourselves that much powerful and prudent that nobody will beat you in any debates, in any event you win or you loose in a debate , you are not going to ACHIEVE your national goals, so please stop your EMPTY argument that will not give you any advantage more than will marginalize you from the masses .

I want for this nation as you people want, if you think I am not doing what suppose to be done, which I agree on that as a person that can't achieve miracles, FOR GOD SAKE WHAT GOOD YOU are DOING FOR OUR ASSYRIAN NATION , PLEASE NOTE THEM TO ME AND TO the PUBLIC or you better stop fighting your shadow and the bottom line I am not here to wage war of words, but to discuss things in brotherly manner and compassion no more or less .


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