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Posted by Maggie (Guest) - Friday, November 24 2006, 21:43:39 (CET)
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By:Maggie Yonan
Date: Friday, 24 November 2006, at 9:40 pm

In the scientific age we cannot qualify ourselves or anyone else to know what is in the minds and hearts of individuals or organizations, or pretend to know the "truth" based on hear/say, inuendos, and testimonials. We must present empirical evidence, known as FACTS in order to convince ourselves and others of the "truth".
To that extent, I am asking all those individuals and organization who "claim" to have asked the Iraqi government for "an autonomous administrative Assyrian region" in northern Iraq, to post their formal application/requests/demands here on this forum, or the forum of their choice, to PROVE to us, once and for all, they are telling the Assyrian people the "truth". They must show us not only their formal application/request, signed by the secretary general of that organization, but to show us a receipt to prove that their application/request was accepted for review by an Iraqi official.

ANY individual or organization that cannot produce this evidence, is lying and misleading the Assyrian people, not to mention robbing them blind, to generate support for an organization that is operating under false pretences.

No exception or excuses will be accepted in lieu of this PROOF!

Good luck!


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