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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Thursday, November 16 2006, 8:08:58 (CET)
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Ashur Beth-Shlimon wrote:
>Sir Pancho:
>No question that you are very well educated and prudent , here I have a little quiz for you :
>- In the first days of invasion by the Arab Muslims on Damascus in the early seventh century A.D., the Arab General who lead such invasion was Khlid Ben al-Walid which the Arab Muslims gave him a nick name ' the Sword of GOD ' because his sword use to kiss people very mercifully, was dismissed from his post , my question to you is:
>Why he was dismissed by the Caliph ?

...for cruelty...someone should have dismissed Hitler. He was a brilliant leader but cruel in victory...he submitted completely when dismissed...and gave his loyalty to his replacement, whose name I forget just now...the new leader valued Khalid's strategy but moderated his cruelties..these cruelties were inflicted on defeated SOLDIERS and not we can see by the example of the Muslims who, when they took back Jerusalem, did NOT massacre the Jews and Christians the Christians had killed every Muslim and Jewish man woman and child...instead the caliph came personally and toured the city with the Patriarch and promised and gave full religious freedom to the Jews and Christians,

..are you trying to tell us that no Christian military leaders have EVER committed atrocities? And remember, the Caliph must not have disapproved of what his general was doing...that is why he DISMISSED him!

Do you see? Do you see how hatred and racism blinds you? You rush in with your example of Hims, which you thought proved your point, because you're so ready to condemn people not like you....but it turned out that the Christians killed there were killed because they rebelled and not for their after a week or two you come back with the story of Khalid and completely overlook the fact that he was DISMISSED by the're so THRILLED at discovering what you think proves your point that you lose all judgement and and any sense of fairness or thoroughness in your "analysis" It is what you ALL see things as if they were bold outlines only...catching barely ten percent of the content and missing all the more advanced and subtle nuances...
>Again, I need a short and concise answer without spinning around as your do always UNFORTUNATELY , and thank you very much in advance .'s funny that a guy who writes gobledeegook for English is so particular about the lenght of my answers...the problem is that you understand all TOO well...and wish you didn't.
>Ashur Beth-Shlimon


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