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Re: A little quiz for you PANCHO !
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Saturday, November 18 2006, 3:04:30 (CET)
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Ashur Beth-Shlimon wrote:
>Ninos wrote:
>Why he was (Khalid Ibn Walid)dismissed by the Caliph?
>REPLY >>>
>This Arab General when he conquered DAMASCUS started killing people without mercy that Chaliph must heard how grizzly was by killing people on random, so he was dismissed from his position for a while .
>Keep in mind that such Arab Muslim General earned the title ' THE SWORD OF GOD '

..and you sing Onward Christian Soldiers...will you NEVER grow up?

...Khalid did not kill the citizens...that is your church speaking...he was cruel in his treatment of the defeated Christian is you Christians who are cruel to the 600,000 Iraqi children starved to death by Christians....and you are a religion of Peace?


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