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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Saturday, November 18 2006, 19:46:24 (CET)
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Ashur Beth-Shlimon wrote:
>Pancho wrote:
>"those books didn't tell you Khalid killed civilians...he was unusually severe on Christian might congratulate the Caliph for removing ."
>REPLY >>>
>I could do that, but I didn't do it, because they gave him the title of ' The Sword of God ' really have a hard time understanding is used for communicating ideas...clearly if possible...I told you you could congrastulate the Caliph for removing came unglued and replied that you wouldn't do that because he was called the Sword of God...the Caliph was not called the sword of god, Khalid was, I didn't tell you to congratulate Khalid but the Caliph who removed him...what are you talking about? You confuse yourself.


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