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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Saturday, November 18 2006, 7:42:06 (CET)
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>How many times I should tell you that every Christian is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any other Christian actions, SO PLEASE STOP THIS NON-SENSE,

..I never said you were responsible for the murders..I asked you why you never mention the names of Christians murdered by Christians at your martyr parties....why do you only mention the ones who get killed by Muslims. I'm not holding you resp[onsible for the murders, only for the way you fail to mention the Christian victims of Christians...I never said you were responsible for the murder of Majdolin Younan's two babies...but you ARE responsible for leaving their names out of your list and for not mentioning them as examples of Christian you blame every murder of a Christian by a Muslim on Muslim brutality.

then I got these information from the History books which were printed by the Education Ministry of Syria and not from any Christian Church.

,,,those books didn't tell you Khalid killed civilians...he was unusually severe on Christian might congratulate the Caliph for removing him.


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