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Posted by beezelbub (Guest) - Wednesday, November 9 2005, 4:35:23 (CET)
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Emil wrote:
>Well, there goes the ending. Thanks a lot! And for what? A sophomore attempt at "dissecting" the significance of a tragicomedy from an "existential" point of view? Was this originally a paper for a junior college English Comp class, because while it tried to "convey" an idea it definitely flopped in being emotive, followed a stringent formula of writing, and fell flat, flat, flat. It makes me actually NOT want to see the film.
>Nice attempt on the part of Nakhraya. But we can always do better, and we should strive to do better. Keep up the good work, N.
>That said, I AM indeed looking forward to seeing this film.
>It's ironic, I don't own a single movie on DVD- save yoga instructions- because I can't bear to be one more faceless notch in the belly of the "celebrity machine", but "Poetic Emancipation" is definitely a worthy start...

...bless your heart...I had the same response. I find allusions to Jesus-stuff trivial, mawkish, treacly and boring...


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