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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Thursday, November 23 2006, 1:24:27 (CET)
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senator wrote:
>Dear Farid,
>I am an active Assyrian student in the Chicago community and working in a various Assyrian outlets.
>I am appalled by the acounts you have given regarding the monuments you have sculpted out of the pure love you have for our Nation, and more important for her needed recognition.
>You keeping reminding of John Nimrod preventing you from installing this magnificent sculpture and threatening to sue you. What is the reason for this madness?

...he insisted on making it an AUA event...unveiling it himself and all of thet...although he gave not a dime to the project he wanted to hijack it...he first made the excuse that the location chosen by the city wasn't right...out of coutsy they asked him to suggest another...we waited patiently foir three years and he never came up with anything...finally the city said they would install it without him..and he threatened to sue...he wants the monument for his clubhouse...or his neighborhood...but mostly it's because his type are terrified of anyting they can't slime or bring down to their level.

I'm a little sad that it won't be going to Chicago...but it will be installed soon in a city in California..a very happy and proud city where NO Assyrians we are safe. they're building a new library...near a lake in the middle of town./..the monument will go there in about a year.
>Also is there anyway to further the publicity of the Hammurabi Monument to gain investors. It is a crime for such a monument to lose foot in the USA, a place we need dire awareness.

...I destroyed the Hammurabi Monument myself whilke it was still in plaster...I spent three years working on it and spent $90,000 of my own money...made from selling other sculptures..only to have a campaign of lies and innuendo aimed against me behind my back by Nimrod and Jackie Bejan...i was moving to Mexico and couldn't store the monument or complete I took a hammer to it...better I destroyed it than someone else.


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