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Posted by Maggie (Guest) - Sunday, September 25 2005, 20:52:44 (CEST)
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My computer is on the blink and my first response was jumbled.
Here's what I really wrote in response to your question:

"It is truly sad how our nation is spinning half-truths and lies and blindly following corrupt leaders."

There's no doubt that Assyria is full of corrupt leaders, but the very essence of this corruption lies at the core of their "Christian" faith. Christianity offers salvation to all those who want to commit heinous crimes against humanity because in some twisted way, they can justify their acts through absolution. All they have to do is commit a crime and two seconds later they are absolved of it through their "eeta" in the confessional box, or through a prayer in their church, and all is forgiven. Two minutes later they walk out and feel god has blessed them and forgiven them and they are "holy" again. It's an endless cycle. The chief reason for this arrogance and un-remorsefullness is that to be a Christian, is to be better than anyone else. Everyone else is inhuman, and that's how they justify their criminal acts. Afterall, those others didn't accept Christ, thus unworthy of anything.

"We need to see everything through Jesus. "What Would Jesus Do" needs to be applied to everything our leaders do! And from this one simple yet powerful outlook, I can accurately and precisely say that Mar Bawai is correct and truly following the fundamentals of Christianity."

This proves my above statement. The minute Mar Bawai wears the cloth, he becomes the representative of Jesus, and this gives him the authority to become "powerful", "accurate", "precise", and all the absolute words in the above sentence as described by this young man. Who could doubt the holiness and "correctness" of Mar Bawai if they are "Christian"? Never mind that Mar Bawai is a mere human, who eats and craps, like the rest of us, and therefore can make mistakes like the rest of us!

Additionally, what are the fundemantals of Christianity and how does this young man know if Mar Bawai is following them? I know Ashur Mar Bawai from Chicago and he used to be a troubled youth, until the church of the East took him in and reformed him. They gave him the opportunity to study at the vatican and he received a PHD in Theology from the very empire that dessimated Ashurism, and now he supposedly is a god who's authority cannot be questioned, and his wisdom cannot be challenged?

All the Neo-Con Assyrians that are following him have created a fascist movement in which Mar Bawai has dictated a so-called "unity" between all the Assyrian churches. This so-called "unity" is one of the best oxymorons we have today, because it presumes that Assyrian churches can unite, and all the while Assyrians are busy building new churches, new faiths, to seperate themselves from one another, believing they are the better Christians from the very flock they wish to leave behind.

Is this the "fundementals" of Christianity?

It's almost laughable!!!

"I am a proud Assyrian, but being Assyrian is not going to get me into Heaven and place me next to Jesus; Christianity is!!!!!!!"

Is this not the saddest statement? What a contradiction!!

Forget the fact that all Christian Assyrians are looking upward, thinking that's where heaven is, when in reality we were living in heaven in Bet-Nahrain, but take this statement further and you will see how absurd it is.

1) This young man is thinking by being Christian he guarrantees himself a place next to Jesus!! HOW? By following Mar Bawai?

2) How can he be a proud Assyrian, when he doesn't even know what it is to be Assyrian?

3) How can he a proud Assyrian and say it is Christianity, not Assyrianism that will get him a place next to Jesus?

4) How can he be Assyrian and Christian at the same time, when Christianity is the only religion that was created to dessimate Assyrianism? Afterall, does the old testament not call the Assyrians whores, brutes, heathens and replace our culture with Hebrew morality, our creations with Hebrew creations, our god with a Hebrew god?

When the so-called Judeo-christians were calling the Assyrians all these names, Jesus told them, "even if you silence the last Assyrian, their stones will cry out"! Our culture has been dug-up from the ground only to be proven the greatest civilization any human society could ever form! How is it possible that a bunch of heathens, whores, and brutes could create the most magnificent culture the world has ever seen? And nothing since the Assyrian civilization has ever come close to creating anything useful for mankind?

Living with contradictions such as these only proves the insanity of the Christian mind! What has Christianity done for the human race that is worthy of mentioning, espousing and spreading?

The answer is NOTHING! So for an Assyrian to call himself "Christian" means to have no integrity, but believe he is a whore, a brute, a heathen!

"Lets at least try to be like Jesus and not like the devil."

Jesus would never accept Christianity if some one tries to convert him into being a Christian! It would be insulting to his wisdom. Jesus would be the first to call all these Christians, the DEVIL himself.

" Praise the glorious day that we select leaders that place Jesus above nationality and more importantly above rash and trivial petitions that further divide our small peoples."

The only ones dividing Assyrians into various nationalities, sects, etc. are the "Christian" Assyrians! The corrupt Assyrian politicians know this very well and are aligning themselves with the men of cloth to divide and rule Assyria! NO ONE has conquored and divided Assyria better than this Power Elite!

"God bless you Dozoota and God Bless our eeta"

Two of the most corrupt elements in neo-Assyrian culture!!!

There is no doozoota in Christian culture, and it is thanks to the eeta!



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