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Posted by Weebly (Guest) - Saturday, August 20 2011, 1:37:19 (UTC)
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Are these the same nice couple who are running a nice riding stable in Chapala? A very nice woman named "Celina" and her artist husband. I found out about them in this post on the forum at

For the BEST horseback riding in the area which I've been enjoying for past several years is with El Caballo Rojo. I rode with them for years, and took lessons, and then bought my horse which I board with her and continue to enjoy the beautiful trails Celina takes me on. You can go to the following website:

Her contact info is on there, but for your ready reference they are: email address: and she can be reached at cell phone # 045 333 473 7998. Contact her for a great experience.


Yes, Celina gives riding lessons. She is located just east of La Floresta and is an excellent instructor. She uses NOB western saddles and western tack and her horses are very gentle and well cared for.

Phone numbers are:
Home: 011-52-376-766-4139 (Stateside: MagicJack), Cell: 011-52-045-333-473-7998, 011-52-045-333-137-6326--stateside codes included. If you are calling from Mexico to the cell, leave off the 011-52 if calling from a land line.

She also will lease you a horse by the month if you are interested.


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