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Posted by Jeff (Guest) - Saturday, November 18 2006, 16:52:16 (CET)
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That's it!!

They were interviewing her, Isabel Allende. What an amazing woman!

What I like the most about the Mapuches is that their god is mother earth. They don't waste their time praying every day, or every week, but once every four years.

Their language changes with the seasons...and they speak almost poetically.

They used to be nomadic (not sure if they still are), so they only have what they can carry with them...

Seems like such a peaceful way to live in many respects.
pancho wrote:
>...a friend of ours was reading a novel by Isabel Allende set against the backdrop of the conquest of Chile...truly, the Mapuches were an extraordinary is almost unbearable how much bloodshed Christians have managed to shed for their Lord.


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