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Re: New Charges In Court Case: Ashur Sorrow Caught Breaking His Diet
Posted by Maggie (Guest) - Tuesday, June 6 2006, 23:48:35 (CEST)
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"I don't care what they did or did not do."

Our people back home care! It's easy to sit in the U.S. and say I don't care, isn't it? You are not the one being pulverized by daily bombs. You have plenty to eat, and are not worried to go to the grocery store and NOT come back. You go to school everyday without a worry, but our people cannot send their children to school for fear of having to gather their remains out of the gutter.

"At least they did not sell our Church out to the Catholics".

What is the difference between ANY church? They are ALL den of thieves!

Just miss paying your dues to the church ONE time, and you'll get a threatening letter telling you they will NOT bury you!

None of them serve any humanly or godly purpose other than to keep us more ignorant and poorer than they are!

If our priorities are preserving a defunct church rather than feeding and sheltering our needy people, then no Christ can save us from our own stupidity!!!!


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