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Re: New Charges In Court Case: Ashur Sorrow Caught Breaking His Diet
Posted by Don (Guest) - Wednesday, June 7 2006, 0:20:48 (CEST)
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“Our people back home care! It's easy to sit in the U.S. and say I don't care, isn't it? You are not the one being pulverized by daily bombs. You have plenty to eat, and are not worried to go to the grocery store and NOT come back. You go to school everyday without a worry, but our people cannot send their children to school for fear of having to gather their remains out of the gutter.”

---They do? Your statement defeats itself. If they are too busy worrying about food and bombs, then they do not have time to be worrying about church. Furthermore, our people back home got what they wanted. They wanted food and shelter, right? The Vatican is there all day everyday and is ready to rain manna upon their heads at any moment…all they need to do is ask for it and all the Vatican asks is that they call themselves chaldeans, arab christians, or kurdish christians. The ACOTE leadership did not call for Iraq to be invaded. As a matter of fact, there was only one bishop (a former bishop) that did. You know who it was? That’s right, Bawai. He was telling us “youth” all about it in his seminars when I used to go to them. Here is what our church does not believe in: Mixing in politics, encouraging war, and proselytizing. While the latter was practiced in early centuries, the Church made it clear that it will worry about its own people and its own members. It is more important for it to retain its own members than to go out and proselytize people who may or may not be receptive. This is precisely the reason why the ACOTE has not encountered many problems in the Islamic Republic of Iran while those who go and try to evangelize people have found themselves dead.

It seems like you are searching for a utopia. You can’t have that on this earth…if you can, let me know how…I’m listening. I enjoy fantasies but that’s all they are, fantasies. It’s funny you mentioned cake in your first post. That reminds me of the saying “you can’t have your cake and eat it, too.” Stupid, yes…I know. But unfortunately, we can’t have the best of everything. In this world, I (and many people will acknowledge) must choose between the lesser of two evils in many situations. History clearly shows how much damage the catholic church has created…and continues to create. Why on earth would I side with them…or some thief hypocrite who wants to forcefully make me one of them?

“What is the difference between ANY church? They are ALL den of thieves!”

---There’s a big difference to me. See above.

”If our priorities are preserving a defunct church rather than feeding and sheltering our needy people, then no Christ can save us from our own stupidity!!!!”

---Go promote catholicism then. They will save you if you sell your soul and/or integrity. They remind me of the communists right around the time of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. They used to gather immensely large crowds of people and talk for a little bit. Then, they would ask the people: “If you believe in a god and that he will save and feed you, ask him to rain bread upon you right now.” They would do so and no manna would come down. They would then say: “You see! Now, ask mother Russia to feed you.” And when the people did, they would be tossed bread and clothes. It is the same with catholicism. Sell your ideals, your values, your integrity, and your soul and you will enjoy some pissant Jesuit schools, some churches, plenty of brainwashing, some clothes, and if you’re lucky, a Mercedes Benz and 4-5 properties. If you or anybody likes that by all means go and do it, I will not blame you – really. But I’m not coming along.




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