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Re: New Charges In Court Case: Ashur Sorrow Caught Breaking His Diet
Posted by Don (Guest) - Wednesday, June 7 2006, 1:12:31 (CEST)
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As far as churches go, Catholicism was the largest contributor, right along with the evangelicals. Tell me, why is it that out of everyone, the Vatican was pushing for the war to happen the most? They had this whole thing staged.

I remember the news in 2000...when Bush was first running all they talked about was his support from the neo conservative wing of the Republican Party, his support from evangelicals, and then...even support from conservative catholics. Why the latter? Evangelicals makes perfect sense. It's the same reason why the catholics supported him. They needed someone like Bush to go start war...especially in the Middle East. The Evangelicals wanted and needed new territory to go proselytize. So did the catholics. The catholics were planning for the final nail in the coffin for the ACOTE and more death for Muslims. Combined, this conservative group, backed by all the large corporations and businessmen, went into Iraq. For the businessmen, it meant more land and area for investing. For the social conservatives, it meant a whole new people to brainwash. For the religious conservatives (evangelicals and then the catholics), it meant new territory to take over. And finally, for policy makers in America and Israel, it meant the perfect crossroads to stick their fingers even more into other peoples' business. Why do you think there is now a "Kurdistan." Why do you think our people didn't get shit? Why? Because the Jews knew we weren't going to do their dirty work...and most likely didn't even have the power to do it. What dirty work you ask? To spy on Iran. Do not forget that the Kurds in northern Iraq were and still are close to those in Iran. For Israel, it meant the perfect spying location. Is it any wonder why this whole nuclear proliferation thing came up last August? Why didn't this come up on this level several years ago? This war contained absolutely no errors on part of the Americans. They wanted it to go exactly like this. Many people, groups, churches, corporations, and countries stood to gain from attacking Iraq.

That is why Bawai supported the war. He stood to gain b/c his brother-in-law, Ken Karim Tailo, works for a large investment firm. Guess what information was recently released about Soro's money trail. Money in banks in Mexico, the Cayman Islands...and guess where else - IRAQ. Why Iraq? Iraq is prime real estate right now. It is a jackpot to anyone who has some money to invest.

And this is why you see me saying what I am saying. This virus must be removed before we cure anything else. This is one of the important links in the chain strangling us. You think I don't see corruption elsewhere? When the authorities are trying to get drugs off the street (supposedly), do they go after the people selling a gram here and there? No...they go after the big fish...the ones pushing ki's of cocaine. You take them out and you might take some of the small fish out with them b/c then you take our their suppliers.

KHAYA ASHUR (and it stays),



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